Stranger Things 3 The Game Revealed; Features Cross-Play for Xbox One, Switch, and PC

Ed M writes: A new Stranger Things video game based around the events of the upcoming season 3 was revealed today during The Game Awards.

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slavish08d ago

Sony need to allow crossplay and join in

Septic8d ago

They just caved for Fortnite because $$$ and then just reverted back to their BS.

Zabatsu28d ago

Man, crawl back in to your cave and eat your rocks.
There's barely any more bias guy than you in here.

jagermaster6198d ago

Honestly he is right if you can't see it then you are the real bridge dweller! Are you hungry or something?

rainslacker8d ago

This could be a cool psychological thriller game. That would have me hyped, because I love the series.

But it looks to be a platformer, and likely the only appeal will be for the potential added story that it'll bring to season 3....which doesn't have me that hyped since I heard the directors talking about taking the series away from the town it was based in.

As far as the cross play goes. Sony still hasn't opened that up past the beta stage yet. I imagine that will be done soon if they're going to do it at all. beta's been running long enough.

gangsta_red8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

"Sony still hasn't opened that up past the beta stage yet."

Beta stages...that's a new one

rainslacker7d ago

They're calling it a beta, so no, it's not any more new than early access.

gangsta_red7d ago

Sony's crossplay games with PC, are those still in the beta stages also?

rainslacker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Are you blaming Sony for not enabling cross play in this game with pc? That would fall squarely on the developer, and nothing is preveting them from doing that. If they didn't do it because it wasn't allowed between other consoles, and if the reason for that is because Sony is still apparently beta testing it, then I don't see why my comment is so wrong.

gangsta_red7d ago

"Are you blaming Sony for not enabling cross play in this game with pc?"

I'm just amazed that you traded one PR speech of "protecting the children" from crossplay for another like "beta testing".

The fact that you have to keep reminding yourself in every story that talks about crossplay that doesnt mention Sony is also telling, I don't know if you're trying to convince us or yourself at this point.

Crossplay isn't in a "beta" stage, no matter what Layden said. Especially when they have had many games already crossplay with PC, and especially when they had some last gen.

Sony is holding out as usual and only allowed Fortnite due to the absolute public out cry from gamers and because it's one of the most popular games this gen raking in billions.

Of course because Sony caved in, the excuse for not letting other games allow crossplay is now "beta testing".

rainslacker7d ago

I wasn't trying to start any kind of discussion about it. Neither condoning or condemning it. Just saying that until Sony gets past this beta they feel is necessary for cross play, we aren't likely to see any more console cross play games.

Sony tends to be very pragmatic about how it does it's API's. They rarely just do something, and the policies involved for cross play came out earlier in the year around January. Devs just weren't able to do anything with it. They wouldn't have bothered doing a beta for one game if they had no intention of taking it further.

timotim8d ago

Sony still is behind the curve I see. Happy that most gamers will be able to play this game together though.

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