PSi: Pipe Mania PS2 Review

PSi writes: "If you are picking up Empire Interactive's Pipe Mania for graphical prowess, you're barking up the wrong tree. In its own right, however, Pipe Mania actually looks great. The game's visuals come across in a somewhat cartoony nature, and the characters and staging of the dialogue appear with an almost Flash-like style. These graphics may not be flashy, or come fully equipped with realism, but for a game like Pipe Mania, it is perfect.

On the audio block, Pipe Mania sounds great too. Again, don't expect some sort of amazing soundtrack, but what is present in this title works perfectly for this type of game, and it matches the visual style perfectly. The Menu and in-game music is not distracting in any way either, and helps keep the simplicity of the puzzle game that Pipe Mania is. The sound fx may not be grand, but each will give you an appropriate audio clue to go with the visual cues that you need when trying to master a simple game like this."

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