Motorstorm DLC Every Week - And Mostly Free

Motorstorm Pacific Rift has been eagerly anticipated for some time, and now that the release is just around the corner fans are being treated to more good news - that there is a rift full of DLC coming, and the majority of it will be free.

See the details below from the Playstation Blog (and note some of the creepier stats.... good to know i'm only a few dozen toilet rolls away from a hit game):

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Cwalat4272d ago

OKEY... first of all.. im surprised no one commented on this...
THIS IS HUGE... FREE DLC every week...

where the hekk are you guys?

im buying this first day...
if you can come up with another game that has this feature i kill my self infront of you...

motorstorm !!! RULES!!!

Ben10544272d ago

sorry train was delayed,

i wanted to buy this game but i got put of by the demo, free dlc every week sounds great, they will proably mostly be a couple of extra skins though, but who cares Its Free

San anto4272d ago

shiiiiiiiit im fcking broke now after R2 dead space n lbp.

sepisfu4271d ago

awesome i will buy it soon