Bethesda's support website leaks Fallout 76 customer info

"They thought they had the last issue... In the bag"

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fluxmulder1762d ago

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. No amount of $5 vouchers will fix this.

RpgSama1762d ago

Hahahaha, there's no ending to this story, this is the most fun I've ever had with a game I never played

1762d ago
CorndogBurglar1762d ago

Okay, now it's not funny.

It's one thing to release a horrendously disappointing game. It's another thing to false advertise pre-order items to your customers. But this kind of takes things to a whole new level.

Chaos_Order1762d ago

"So I've read on the internet that our support site has a few bugs."

MasterCornholio1762d ago

So they somehow used the engine to create their website.


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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Be Greater. Together. Trailer I PS5 Games

Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise for the PS5 console.

Cacabunga13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Does look crazy.. i have too much on my backlog, even still on PS4..
on PS5 i have Wo-long, FF16 and RE4 i want to do first but i just cannot let go of RDR2 🙀

PhillyDonJawn11h ago

How's the online for RDR2? I couldn't get into the online portion at launch. I hoped they'd improve it over time

Tacoboto5h ago

Hype = maximum
Swing assist = minimum

Cannot waaaait for 10/20! Even have the next Monday taken off of work.

shadowT17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Can't wait! Spider-man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and many more great games. 'Game of the Year' will be this year a difficult choice!

Ashunderfire8614h ago

Alan Wake 2 and Lords of The Fallen should be in there too.

BehindTheRows14h ago

About to cell a City-load of copies!


wow epic tv ad like the first game tv ad :O


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is 150 Days Away From Launch

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be one of the biggest titles of 2024, and we're now only five months away from its launch!

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Snookies121d 7h ago

Can't freaking wait! I only have one tiny nitpick from everything I've seen so far. The ground clutter. There is a ton of pop-in going on when moving around with small rocks and foliage. I hope they can touch that up a bit before release. The game itself looks like everything I could have hoped for! I hope there are a ton of different cards to collect, for Queen's Blood.

nommers1d 4h ago

So glad they're bringing a card game to a FF game again

andy851d 4h ago

Given it's an SSD game now I really hope that's cleaned up closer to release.

Becuzisaid19h ago

I think they've said the demo we're seeing is several months old. Hopefully it already is fixed but most open world games seem to have a problem with vegetation pop in or density

CrimsonWing691d 2h ago

Man, this is one of those games where when I saw the gameplay, I could tell immediately they’re raising the bar. I can’t tell you how hyped I am for this! It’s not crazy far out, but the wait is still getting to me.

There’s also Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Persona 3 Remake to juggle before then. Dang, 2024 is a good time to be a JRPG fan.

andy851d 1h ago

And LAD Gaiden and I still haven't finished Sea of Stars 🤣