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Kutaragi Hints At Built-To-Order PS3

An interview with Sony PlayStation boss Ken Kutaragi in Japanese newspaper Nikkei BP, as passed on by consumer website, has seen the increasingly outspoken executive making new claims for the PlayStation 3 to be seen as a computer, rather than as a video games console.

After indicating that larger 120GB hard drives may be available for the PlayStation 3 "by next year or the year after that", Kutaragi made the suggestion that the PlayStation 3 could be sold on a built-to-order basis, as seen in the home PC market. "As the PlayStation 3 is a computer, we might even offer it on a built-to-order basis, customized to the needs of each and every user," Kutaragi is quoted as saying. "The hardware components have been designed in a modularized format with this possibility in mind."

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ps3willrule6571d ago

thats cool..not everybody will want to upgrade or buy new stuff but some people will..its kewl that hes giving people options.

FamoAmo6571d ago

Sony is doing this as another step in making the Game Console look more like A computer. I don't blame them for wanting to save $ but the PS3 is no computer!!

TheMART6570d ago

Right. Too much options is not good for a game console. Which should one thing very good. Play games. Standardization of the direct hardware used should be done. Otherwise you get PC problems of incompatibility

OutLaw6571d ago

I post the news I don't write it.

joemutt6571d ago

And a few other things I dont need! Should bring the price down to something realistic.

pandarus6571d ago

hate to be so negative here, but this is just complete and utter BS. there is zero possibility of anything like this. i sincerely hope that nobody believes that this could/will happen. i really wish that someone would shut this idiot up. i want to be excited for the ps3, but this guy time and again dampens any enthusiasm with his outrageous lies and propaganda

shotty6571d ago

So why would people buy launch systems if better ones will be released the next year.

ic2muchtv6571d ago (Edited 6571d ago )

Multiple hardware for one console will not make devs happy. More things to QA and more bugs to squash after the software has been released just like a PC.

I consider myself a knowledgable gamer but Sony is really making this very confusing for me. If I am confused I know the average Joe is going to have one hell of a time trying to figure this out.

Just to get this out of the way I am no Sony hater. I own both Playstations as well as every other console over the past 15 years. As of right now I will not be getting a PS3. I do not need a PC Ken, I already have more PCs than I need. The Playstation should be a console first period.

If Blue Ray is so important for gaming because developers need more space then a 60GB drive will not do the trick for fully downloadable games. This means you will only be able to fit maybe 4-6 downloadable games onto a 60GB HD.

Sony, hire a good PR firm instead of letting King Ken confuse the hell out of us gamers and start telling the TRUTH!

Also drop the Blue Ray player, the price, and QUIT calling it a PC because it is NOT a PC. If you do this a lot of people like myself will be more likely to buy this Homer Simpson automobile.

achira6571d ago

why does anyone buy computers, everyone knows that next year there will be a better one ???

ps3willrule6571d ago

well i plan on buyingg it at launch from best buy with 3 year warranty so in late 2007 jus bring it back say its broke with something inside screwing up internet connection LOL i did it with my ps2 and to love best buy warranty's lol

shotty6571d ago

LOL, I doing the samething with my xbox 360. I pretty sure in 3 years they will have a 200Gb harddrive, HD-DVD and whatnot. So buy it now and trade in after 3 years and get a new system.