EA Giving 50% Discount on Battlefield 5 for Those Who Own Battlefield 1 & BF4, Community Not Happy

EA is already giving a 50 percent discount for Battlefield 5 if you own Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4, just two weeks after launch! The Battlefield community is not happy about it.

excaliburps2020d ago

You won't be laughing if you paid full price for it though...

Chaosdreams2020d ago

The day where I pay full price for an EA product are long gone. Especially after seeing how they practically gave Battlefield 1 away (with all the season pass content) for free.

At this point to pre-order or pay full price is a statement that you trust and have faith in the product being delivered. Unfortunately EA doesn't care who had faith or trust, because what they want are sale numbers for the battlefield IP.

REDGUM2020d ago

Which I did! Rrrrrrrrrrrr

Activemessiah2020d ago

The real question is.. who's buying EA games full price?? that's easily a form of mental illness

chrono12052020d ago

Picked up BF 1 for $5 on origin sale. They gave away the dlc for free too.
Never pay day one.

Findingcrybabies2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

im not dumb enough to do that in the first place so yes it is funny. also they are trying to get more people on the game as everywhere says its doing very poorly. also anything that upsets people who support EA after all this is a good thing. They are part of the problem. Not the solution. I hope they keep doing stuff to make them mad....its not like they are going to actually do anything anyways....if they were then they would have done it by now.

OMEGAXS12020d ago

Not only did I pay full price, I bought the digital early for $80. I aint mad though.

n1kki62020d ago

Wouldn't you want as many players to buy the game so online has more competition?

OnlyThoseOnTheFence2019d ago

Meanwhile everybody is laughing at the people that paid full price for an incomplete game.

0hMyGandhi2019d ago

excaliburps, I had a hunch and saw your previous comments giving advice about specific issues you've had with Battlefield V.

I am sorry you paid full price for the game.
Word of warning, when it comes down to games put out by massive publishers like EA and Ubisoft, unless you really like the particular game, and have a ready group of friends to play online, all you have to do is wait for literally a month before huge discounts take effect.

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-Foxtrot2020d ago

"If you don't like it, don't buy it"


Well then

gtxgamer22020d ago

Must've taken some pointers from the Diablo immortal devs

Gardenia2020d ago

A few days ago it was already on sale on PSN, down from 70 to 45. The sales must be terrible if this happens after 2 weeks

UltraNova2020d ago

That statement and todays results are what I call poetic justice.

2019d ago
RealOldGamer2019d ago

LOL. Yep, and now I have this offer on both my PS4 and PC. Own BF4 for PS4 and 1 on PC. Both trigger the sale apparently.

Still not going to buy it.

I will not support anyone that flat out insults their customers.
Oh and who the hell puts focus on the single player campaign in a game that has always focused on multiplayer?

So happy Soderlund is out of a job for his nonsense. They even made him delete all his social media posts, lol.

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PapaBop2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Do they even want Battlefield 1 and BF4 players to buy the game? I mean gamers are sexist pigs right? Do they really want sexist pigs in their game? /s

RememberThe3572020d ago

I don't believe they called all gamers sexist. They told sexist gamers not to buy their game. Seems folks took the message to heart.

JEECE2020d ago

Well you are sort of right. People made an illegimate criticism of the game (that there are women in it) and EA properly treated them with scorn. The problem is that, when other people made other, legitimate critcisms of the game, EA tried to paint them with the same brush and just said "no, you're really just sexist."

That said, I'm enjoying it as much as the best entries in the series (I've played each entry some other than 2142 and Hardline), and I hope these sales wake people up to an awesome game.

nyu12020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


" illegimate criticism of the game (that there are women in it)"

In a WW2 game. That's not 'illegitimate'. That makes perfect sense. EA and DICE want to do it because of the cosmetics monetization (which is cool if it means free DLC) and to pander to people.
They also did it at the cost of the creative aspect of a WW2 game. They're kind of paying for that, because people see through the bullshit. People see through it when you pander just for the sake of it, even when it doesn't make sense in your game world. It feels corporate and forced.

Watch, on the other hand, as The Last Of Us 2 successfully pushes diversity and whatnot, and 90% of people will applaud them for it, because it comes from the creatives, and you'll be sure it makes sense in the game world. Sony isn't making them put lesbian characters in because "We're a big franchise and we need to be inclusive"

But hey I'm sure that now women are now running around on the frontline, female gamers who previously didn't play this kind will come running to play it. Oh wait, no they won't, because it doesn't make any difference in a game like this (apart from ruining the WW2 theme).

PapaBop2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

They didn't explicitly call all gamers pigs but they are doubling down on that angle to deflect criticism and as a long term fan of DICE, I find this attitude disgusting.

Findingcrybabies2020d ago

Got em good eh? Congrats on being on the right side of history lol.

rainslacker2020d ago

No, they implied that anyone with a criticism was a sexist. Even if they didn't use the term sexist, they pretty much said that any and all criticism was of no concern to them.

opc2019d ago

it's interesting how you can put aliens in a world war 1 or 2 game and it will be accepted as alternate history/ fiction, but if you put women in the same game, "it's not accurate!"

RealOldGamer2019d ago

Actually, he did. He also called gamers stupid.
“These are people who are uneducated—they don’t understand that this is a plausible scenario, and listen: this is a game. And today gaming is gender-diverse, like it hasn’t been before. There are a lot of female people who want to play, and male players who want to play as a badass [woman]. “

Source: http://boundingintocomics.c...

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elazz2020d ago

Money rules these companies. They gladly do a 360 spin if it earned them 100s of millions of dollars. Unfortunately they don't realize how bad they themselves (ea/dice) acted as well so they should accept the 50% less sales at a far lower average price. There are other games to buy no matter how bad they want the people back who they told to not buy if you don't like.

rainslacker2020d ago

If you don't like it, maybe you'd buy it at half price?

Love how quick these things turn around on publishers sometimes.

Jamaicangmr2019d ago

You seem sexist, it didn't bother me as i'm not. So you are just outing yourself.