PSN Down and Services Are Experiencing Issues

It seems Sony's PlayStation Network is experiencing issues again! PSN is down and reports are coming in from multiple users across the world that downloaded games can't be accessed.


Admin note: Services should be available for people in NA again. It was about a 45m downtime overall. Game on.

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ziggurcat968d ago

no real point to this submission - the problem will likely be fixed before this even gets approved.

ziggurcat968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

to be fair, it was basically auto-approved by someone with a CRank number high enough to be able to do that...

and I doubt it'll be down for much longer? it usually never is, and the problems are almost always resolved before these get approved.

edit: and now the PSN status is showing all green. so it took a whole 30 minutes...

Eonjay968d ago

Just checked and its all green. There is a reason why we contained these articles.

Christopher968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

40+ minute downtime is longer than usual for PSN downtimes. Usually it's 20m or so.

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Eonjay968d ago


Different Strokes for different folks.

whothedog968d ago

Hey you are a admin with a bias right? why not just delete a pointless article? Cause its pointless, very pointless

Christopher968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

@gamingunited: Try reading reports next time. It was failed because "already fixed. hours ago". That's a little different than this time when it was still down for almost 40 minutes while it was approved.

Edit: @below Not really a way to argue with you as you ignore the difference in news reported immediately and news reported hours later when it was fixed. I don't see anyone here claiming Sony is literally doomed, it's only been joking references for a minor downtime. The importance of reporting that downtime isn't for doom and gloom, but informative to gamers who want to know what's wrong or when it is back up.

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gangsta_red968d ago

"Especially given that this was approved by a single person, this whole thing just stinks of bias."


rainslacker968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

Maybe a good policy to look at would be that network problem articles aren't really news unless they're for an extended period of time, or caused by something beyond just general network a hack or something. A verified one....not some speculative one.

Granted, we get much fewer of these than we used to, so maybe it's not that big of a deal.

As far as being informative....I can tell if its down or up just by trying to use the system or service. If it doesn't work, and I want to be informed, N4G isn't really the place I go to find that info, as the information is readily available on PlayStation's website.

81BX968d ago

Its informing gamers on how they should spend their money. Why buy xbox live if it's down frequently? Oh look an article helping to keep me informed

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moomoo319968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

IGN reported on it as well

Cobra951967d ago

Why does it bother you that we get timely reports about issues with gaming services? I welcome them, regardless of what platform they involve.

ziggurcat967d ago

There's simply no point to submitting these articles, regardless of the system because 9.9/10 the problem has been long-since resolved before it gets approved. what is the point of an article about network downtime when it's no longer down? how is it informative to this community?

moomoo319966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

My psn wasnt working, i went on here and saw this article, and thought ok its not just me. Other major outlets reported this as well. Go cry about it homie

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MaximusPrime_968d ago

Watching Netflix on PS4 atm. *sighs* another doom and gloom article. This will be removed by mod shortly

sampsonon968d ago

10 minutes and it's back up in NA

Christopher968d ago

Was approved 28m ago (submitted 36m ago). That's not 10m.

And, sadly, I'm in NA, and it is not back up for me yet. I can watch Netflix/Hulu/Youtube/etc., but not access online content/games yet.

sampsonon968d ago

i don'r care when it was approved. it was 10 minutes where i was because i actually timed it as soon as it happened. i left this comment about 10 minutes after it went back up.

perhaps regionally it was different.

I'm not a liar about such trivial things.

WeAreLegion968d ago

Mine is still down. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon though.

MrSec84968d ago

My XBox One S kept signing me out because of XBL going down in the UK earlier.

Annoying when it takes an age to download Halo 5.
Haven't had any issues with PSN on PS4 or Nintendo's online.

MrSec84968d ago

Any reasons for these dislikes?
These were my honest experience with all three networks in the UK.

If I had any problems then I'd say, PSN has been really good for me, for a long time, Switch has been good too.
XBox kept having problems earlier, signing me out of live, my Halo 5 download kept stopping and dropping speed when it worked.

My smartphone and other devices in the house have had solid connections online.

TekoIie967d ago

I think it's because it comes across as damage control. Xbox and Nintendo are not relevant to the topic of PSN being down right now. Why mention them?

MrSec84967d ago

@Tekolie: It's not damage control when my service through PSN was working fine, I'm just commenting about my own observations.

It's on topic because the topic is about online network reliability, no reason not to comment about the other service providers.
I gave observations of all three console online networks because it's relevant information.

TekoIie967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

You're anecdotal experience is irrelevant to the fact that PSN was down for many at the time.

"It's on topic because the topic is about online network reliability"

So PSN is down and we talk about XBL and Nintendo Online? If you believe the topic is network reliability then talk about that rather than your personal experience with trying to download Halo 5. Your bandwidth is not exactly that helpful for the rest of us to know, is it?

"I gave observations of all three console online networks because it's relevant information."

You gave anecdotes and no helpful information came from your comment.

As i said before your comment came across as damage control because you spent more time talking about Xbox and Nintendo than you did PSN. PSN is having downtime so telling me you have more issues with XBL is not very helpful.

MrSec84967d ago

Tekolie what I wrote is all relevant, not just anecdotal.
My bandwidth is relevant because it supports a whole household's internet access being either poor or solid, mine was solid.

At the time if this article being published the down detector didn't show any issues on PSN, I gave information about all three networks, which is being fair and balanced to all networks, from an actual person's experience.

Just seems your nitpicking because I pointed out that XBox Live was having issues.
My initial comment gave an even amount of info across all three networks.

I'll post as many comments as I like, provided N4G allows me to do so, you're not the one that decides what is and isn't relevant or on topic.
My points were on the topic of network reliability, if the writer of an article talks about it for one company then that opens up the topic of all companies, as it is only balanced and fair to talk about each company's current situation.

andibandit967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

so lets just assume I was having problems with PSN and read the comment section to see if someone had solutions or some other experience with PSN:

"My XBox One S kept signing me out because of XBL going down in the UK earlier. "
-hmm not really useful, my problem is with PSN

"Annoying when it takes an age to download Halo 5. "
-yeah umm, not really sure where this is going

"Haven't had any issues with PSN on PS4 or Nintendo's online."
-well this is somewhat useful

MrSec84967d ago

@andibandit: It's all relevant, it's about every network, not exactly like it would take anyone very long to read my original post that you're commenting on.

Issues could be related to broadband speed or whatever technical aspect of the network, I gave examples of my experience which shows how things were for me at the time.

I'm not sure why it's such an issue for me to provide real information about my experience.

You two just seem to be way too touchy about a hobby.

Cobra951967d ago

In my case, because your comment is a complete non sequitur to this piece. It has nothing to do with Xbox or console wars. It is a mere statement of fact about an important gaming service.

pinkcrocodile75967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

To be fair to Sony, their security may not be as good as Microsoft's but it's a shit tonne better than it was back in days where they lost customer data and internal emails. The important thing is, they have learned from their mistake.

As to the UK issues with XBL etc, we are up the side of a mountain in Wales and we have only ever experienced 2 downtime sessions with PSN and none else where and thats in 4 years

andibandit967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

But this article wasn't about every network.

I could start talking about the network problems I'm experiencing at my work place...but they aren't relevant.

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