The Dragon Age Announcement Buzz

BioWare fans are abuzz today, as studio general manager, Casey Hudson, recently tipped fans off regarding Dragon Age news that will be dropping sometime soon. Fans of the popular series have been starving for some sort of confirmation that a fourth game will be coming at some point in the (hopefully) near future.

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Sophisticated_Chap587d ago

Dragon Age 4: Swords, Javelins & Warlocks

winter_hill587d ago

More like Dragon Age: GAAS LGBTIQA+ Edition

phoenixwing587d ago

As bad as inquisition was i still look forward to the next take on the dragon age franchise

LucasRuinedChildhood587d ago

From Bioware's previous comments on this installment, it seems like it's going to take a lot of influence from The Witcher 3.

PhantomS42587d ago

I'm terrified since the last time they brought up dragon age was that it was going to be an online Gaas game =/ As if Bioware hasn't already beaten Dragon Age to death with 2 and Inquisition.

veicht587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

I am pretty much in the same place. The main difference is I did actually like inquisition... sortof. In many ways it still was not the game that it should have been but at the time it looked like it took some steps in the right direction (more rpg systems). However, one of the dlc for the game (trespasser) I thought was great. To me it felt much more in line with how origins was and I would have been happier if they had built the whole game like that instead of the generic open world designed zones.

But yeah.... the Gaas stuff is a huge red flag, and with how bioware has been going as of late I strongly believe I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Wolffenblitz587d ago

I liked Inquisition too man, there are dozens of us, dozens!

bluefox755587d ago

Don't have a lot of faith in bioware these days. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

Daeloki587d ago

Note to self: try to finish Inquisition before you get hyped about Dragon Age 4...

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The story is too old to be commented.