Abzu – Nintendo Switch review TBG

TBG writes -I now own Abzu on all 3 current gen consoles, I predominantly wanted it on the Switch for the handheld element. It’s one of those games that’s nice and chilled to play without having to worry about any set goals, which is always handy. It’s definitely influenced by Journey which is to be expected when some of the development team had previously worked on that title.

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anonymousfan670d ago

"The Switch version seems to be more or less identical to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, the visuals seem a little less sharp but that may just be how I see it playing it in handheld mode, regardless it’s still impressive looking and does exactly what it needs to. " I looove how good non AAA games look on the Switch. Why buy it on Xbox and PS4 if you could play it on the go?