Battlefield 5 Is Already On Sale For $30 (Xbox One, PS4)

It's hardly a week old, but EA's latest shooter, Battlefield V, is already on sale for $30 at Target right now. This surprisingly low sale price applies to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. The deal is only good until Thursday, November 29, so if you've been considering picking up this WWII shooter, you'll want to jump on this deal fast.

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anonymousfan873d ago

The game has been out for barely 12 days and it's 50 % off. EA is being taught a lesson I hope they're listening.

darthv72872d ago

I'd imagine it is some sort of extended black friday thing. Lots of places start early with their sales and let them run much longer than just that one day.

Seeing as the 29th is the end then it just adds more weight to that idea.

badz149873d ago

what about digital? is it $30 too? if not, then suck it digital only supporters!

badz149873d ago

with $50 cheaper just 12 days after release? yeah! thank you for asking

CaptainObvious878873d ago


A little actually.

But I'd feel a lot better if people starting realising where we're headed and stop buying digital en mass.

Mroc13873d ago

Not even $1 discount in PSN. Unfortunate for me because I prefer to buy these multiplayer games digital because I share them with my brother. Single player I buy disc unless I just can't wait for the games to arrive in my country

nowitzki2004872d ago

Is there people that are digital only? I consider myself primarily digital, but I still buy a game here and there physical. Digital is especially good for kids, cant ruin discs, disc drives, etc.

872d ago
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Muzikguy873d ago

I’m glad that people are starting to send a message. Quit buying incomplete games

joab777872d ago

I wish I worked for EA. In a year CoD goes no sp, GoW and RDR2 release, they should have gone with a semi-open world BC3 campaign. It would have been epic, hilarious, and stood out among all the BRs and whatever!

If they are smart, this is what they will give us next.

Damn! Both BFs skin so bad last 2 yrs. Funny cuz CoD never suffers in sales no matter what they do, but BF is so much more fragile despite being a much higher quality shooter.

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xboxcult873d ago

Glad I didn't preorder it :D.

Ninver873d ago

Preorders are only beneficial for complete products. Halved as games get purchased months after

FITgamer873d ago

I want to pick it up, but literally not a single one of my friends bought it. This is the first BF ever, that I didn't buy day 1.

Majin-vegeta873d ago

I'll never understand that.Theres hundreds of ways to get new friends to play BF V

salmonade873d ago

He's talking about friends he's known and played with for many years. Not some random douche bag from a BFV-friend-finder app.

MajorLazer873d ago

Talking about real friends, not people online that he's never met 😂😂

Strafe872d ago


But random online players are the only friends Majin has.

Sirk7x873d ago

I'd rather just play 4. All the DLC has been been made free on multiple occassions, and it's still fun.

Mroc13873d ago

The best one this gen imo. I had the most fun with BF3 and Bad Company 2 though

Profchaos872d ago

Every single bf game since 4 has had all the DLC go free and even the base game go free

InTheZoneAC872d ago

Look at it like this. If you need friends for a specific game to be fun then the game isn't for you because any game will benefit with friends.

FITgamer872d ago

I don't "need" friends. I just prefer playing online games with people I'm used to playing with. People who know each other's play style and can will communicate.

InTheZoneAC872d ago

Fit, I never said you needed friends. What I'm saying is there are many great games already out there. But friends do not make a game good. Remove friends from the equation, is the game good? If so, you should all buy it. If not, then pass.

frostypants872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

I've been on the BF bandwagon since BF1942. This is the only one I haven't bought outside of BF2142 and Hardline. I loved BF1/BF4/BF3, but this one is so damn sloppy. The maps reflect a lazy design effort, the gameplay decisions are ill-conceived, and while superficially pretty, the visuals are a muddy mess from an actual practical gameplay perspective ("I'll just go prone in this puddle while the entire other team walks right over me!"). The whole thing feels like a B-team made it.

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Jls1873d ago

tempting but ill wait till its a bit more complete

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