New Games with Gold for December 2018

by Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor:
"Welcome to another Games with Gold reveal for Xbox One and Xbox 360! In December on Xbox One, solve mysterious puzzles in an alien landscape in Q.U.B.E. 2, then experience the rich culture of the Iñupiat people in the atmospheric Never Alone. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, mold your character into a legend in Dragon Age II, and experience chaotic fun in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction."

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yarbie1000936d ago

Games with Gold has gone downhill since Game Pass was released. What a terrible month

darthv72936d ago

It has it's ups and downs, like any other service.

Switch4One936d ago

Just last month we had BF1 and Dante's Inferno!

monkey602936d ago

I got a string of abuse for predicting that with game passes announcement. I'm sure plenty of people saw that coming though

Christopher936d ago

OMG Dragon Age!

Oh... _that_ Dragon Age...

But, they're not bad games to get and play without paying full price at least for the BC titles. Was really happy to get Dante this month, Mercenaries isn't a bad game.

936d ago
Razzer936d ago

"Just last month we had BF1 and Dante's Inferno! "

An exception. It has been bad more than it has been good.

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2pacalypsenow936d ago

Mercenaries and DA 2 are prety good.

Other than that, meh...

darthv72936d ago

Curious but would this be the first time that an og xbox game has been added to the mix?

conanlifts936d ago

They gave phantom dust for free, but I don't think that was part of gold.

Sirk7x936d ago

I think so! I hope they continue. KotOR would be awesome.

darthv72936d ago

If they are testing the waters with og xbox, I hope they just add a couple into the rotation. So 2 for xbo, 2 for 360 and 2 for xbox (playable on 360 and xbo). I'd love to see them add in stubbs, the original forza, pgr and pgr2, malice and odd world strangers wrath (just to name a few).

conanlifts936d ago

It would be good to add more OG xbox games monthly, I particularly enjoyed Sudeki and wouldn't mind revisiting it.

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Yi-Long936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Currently on the $1 month for Gold. This reminds me to make sure to cancel it before it turns into a normal subscription. Very mediocre month.

2pacalypsenow936d ago

I'm assuming you don't play online?

Yi-Long935d ago

I do play online, but I'll do that on PS4, until Gold offers me a good deal again.

Also, I'll let my $1 subscription run into a regular one, it will charge be 7-8 euro orso per month, which is of course ridiculously overpriced, so if I'll go for Gold, it would need to be 1 year subscription, for a reasonable price...

optimus936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

same here, i don't like that they removed the cancel feature from the console. but at least it's a simple feature that can be turned off online as oppose to calling in and going through automated menus and being placed on hold like the old days. ...however, i may extend my membership another month or 2 just to give read dead online a try if it proves to be worth it.

DafunkyRebel936d ago

The one time I wanted an Xbox more than ever

gamer7804936d ago

Not a fan of them swapping 360 games out for og Xbox games without gamerscore.

timotim936d ago

I like seeing OG Xbox games...its not about GS, its about the quality of the game...Mercenaries is a damn good game.

Sirk7x936d ago

I can see a multitude of reasons for not wanting to play a game, but lack of achievements? lol

gamer7804936d ago

its just part of it, they are also old and don't hold up as well as old 2d games, and I've played most of them before, because I'm old :-p

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