Little Big Planet 2 already in development?

TheSixthaxis write: Sometimes you read things and think "that shouldn't be there", like this BBC article on LittleBigPlanet. It reads fine (in fact it's quite a good read) but this bit stands out like a sore thumb: "Even before the game has hit the shops, the team are already at work on a sequel."

A sequel? Already? Come on guys, at least get the first game onto the damned shelves before you start thinking about the next game.

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sinncross4275d ago

I doubt a sequel, but DLC perhaps.

It's possible that a new LBP can be made but with a different genre... like kart racing, like Crash Team Racing, that mario kart thing game.

Fishy Fingers4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Well Alex from MM mentioned in an interview months ago that they already have a bundle of ideas for LBP2, but I doubt any of which revolve around a genre change, they give you a tools to build genre (within reason) already, example, you can just build your own LBP cart racer if you wanted.

They've also confirmed DLC, such a "liquid" but as they said, with a LBP twist on it. I imagine the primary DLC will be new costumes for your sackboy/girl. For example, releasing new character skins to coincide with new games, such as a Faith skin when Mirrors Edge is released etc etc.

dro4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

y do u doubt a part 2, now adays its normal for devs to start working on part 2 just as soon as dey relase part 1.... look at cod5 for exmple, as soon as cod4 came out part 5 was alerday in the works, same as gta iv...e.t.c.....

The Killer4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

they r working on DLC that includes many user created levels, and maybe their own levels too, and here BBC tries to be clever(actually dump) and says a new LBP2!!

MM will always be working on LBP and they will for years but that doesnt mean a new game is being made!! especially at this time!!

they still have many work to do on LBP!! there is no doubt about LBP 2 or LBP-car racing etc but not now, that will be some years after!

i hate such rumors!!
its obvious goal is to get attention that they lost!

different team is doing COD5, infinte ward is doing COD6, besides their team is bigger than media molecule team(25 members), i think MM is busy making sure their game is a big hit and will support it for a while, they can easily sell millions copies(around 10 million) if they give it the right attention, so would u think they will take the risk and leave LBP for something that might not be a hit??

@Fishy Fingers
the one who started this lie!, but yes i agree with u in that a concept idea or art design can be started even in the middle of developing a game and LBP is no exception, but saying LBP being worked on like developed on at this time is insane!

Fishy Fingers4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

You realise development cycles run into years? Starting work on LBP2 now doesnt mean it will release within a few months. Successful games get sequels, especially when they're new IPs. Usually work or concept work will begin on the sequel well before they've even finished the first game. Time constrants, issues and problems even often push ideas they had for the first into the sequel.

"its obvious goal is to get attention that they lost! " Whaaa? Who?

Real Gambler4275d ago

Not sure why this is even a news... Not working on a possible sequel would definitively be a news.

Danja4275d ago

I dont see anything wrong with that..but I doubt they're gonna start working on a sewquel at this present time...

Im sure they meant there gonna keep supporting it through DLC just like Insomniac/Evoltuion and Incognito does with there games...

I dont think they need to rush into a sequel ne ways A game like LBP has infinite Replayability so I will be happy if they just feed us with DLC for the time being

uie4rhig4275d ago

that they wanted to make a FPS and TPS version of this... that's probably LBP2... and maybe with bigger character customization or w/e.. image being able to recreate the ACTUAL Half-life 2 on there, maybe with more levels and all.. imagine CoD4 recreated by gamers in LBP2/3 now that would redefine games MORE than LBP will (OMG people in america can get it today :( thats sooo unfair)


The Matrix4275d ago

Developer's have made sequels and trilogies to game with half the recognition of LBP.

I guarantee 100% there is going to be a sequel.

marinelife94275d ago

The next one needs to be in 3d.

BlackTar1874275d ago

But COD is a special case since they have 2 seperate studios working in tandem everyother realease. So as soon as 3 was relised 5 was being made by that same company. 4 was made and 6 was started right after that. But yeah why not a sequal already we all know how long it takes to make games now. It only makes sense if you want a game every 2 years.

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Kain814275d ago

its a Buissens strategy and a Good one, so you can enjoy call of duty 4 last year, this year you will enjoy Call of Duty 5 and next year call of duty 6. And the same will goes to LBP2 and iam happy with that as a Gamer

CrazyMystical4274d ago

they shouldn't of release that info about making a new one so soon because it has a tendency to kill momentum a bit because people don't like to know there merchandise is going to be obsolete even if its true, how would you feel if you bought a gaming system today & in that same day you hear a new one is on it's way?

mercyless94274d ago

i cant wait for LBP2 !!! wait. i havent played LBP yet(would've if they stuck to the release date) and this time please check ur soundtracks thoroughly. lol

The Killer4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

these days they r very active on anti ps3 news!!

since probably their 360 is in the repairing service for either RROD or disk scratching!



well if u think of it for a second, if MM started working on LBP2 means that they will stop supporting LBP which is negative for LBP, because it still needs supports for at least some years, LBP will only grow bigger by the time and MM stopping the support is surely a negative thing!
what pisses me off is some lyres make up lies and these lies get some ground through the media and it get heard from the world!

yes LBP2 is an amazing idea, but not now!
BBC lost attention on being reliable and unbiased, everybody knows its controlled by the government!

Fishy Fingers4275d ago

Source: BBC
Article: sixthaxis

"must be a bot behind this" What are you talking about? This isn't even in anyway negative towards LBP. Surely a sequel is a good thing?

Scotracer4275d ago

Shut up. LittleBigPlanet has been in development for years and so would any successor. Gears of War 2 was in development before Gears of War released and it was two YEARS before the 2nd game was released. Step away for the ridiculous conspiracy theories because it only makes sense that LBP2 is on the way.

Orange4275d ago

It's not a negative article, just a dumb one.

"Come on guys, at least get the first game onto the damned shelves." It's out the door as far as MM is concerned, unless the writer thinks the staff literally drives the trucks to area Bestbuys to unload their goods. I think it's great they already have an idea for a sequel... LittleBigPlanet 64?

thereapersson4275d ago

Most developers, if they are planning sequels, start work on the next game before the first game goes gold. This is the norm when it comes to video game development, as far as I know...

heyheyhey4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

the progression of this IP can potentially mean a huge change in the industry.... i'm thinking 3D... and the ability to tweak certain mechanics with simple coding options

..revolutionary doesn't even begin to describe it


yeah nice idea :)

hate to sound violence-hungry and destructive, but my most wanted LBP feature is some sort of side-scrolling weaponry akin to Mega Man or Castlevania..

...yes i know this isn't the sort of profile MM are going for with the game, but let's face it- it would blow the creative possibilities further wide open

thereapersson4275d ago

Let's hope they add water and fluid-based physics for the next game. If they're not going to add it in a patch for the first title here's hoping that one of my most-wanted LBP features gets added later down the timeline.

Danja4275d ago

It's been confirmed that they will include Liquid physics through DLC...

thereapersson4275d ago

Thanks! I wasn't sure if they had confirmed that or not. Though, it would help if a link or two was present so I could read where they announced this, I will take your word for it.

tehReaper4275d ago

Yeah fluid would be very nice. I'm also interested in what happened to the ice hazard? Did it just disappear, or what?

Scotracer4275d ago

You got a link for that? That was my single most wanted thing to be added after I played the beta. Fluid dynamics would be EPIC! Think, proper aerodynamics to make an aerofoil that can produce lift O_O. PLS!

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