Sector Nine: SOCOM: Confrontation Review - Second Take

Sector Nine writes: "Confrontation is Live, and in spite of server issues hindering the game severely i felt that, considering the surprise laid on me after playing the full game, i owed it to my favorite shooter franchise another look. Of course you won't have to read two pages of stuff as i will be tackling only the new stuff which was previously unavailable in beta. So without rambling on lets hit the jump together and read on.

Just like everyone else i had to, and still am dealing with those pesky server issues but in spite of all that it is nearly impossible to find an open server most of the time. It seems that around the clock there are at least 40-50 server jam packed with players and games which was my first surprise considering the shaky game launch and the omission of the Trophy System at the initial release. But before i get ahead of myself lets rewind back to the beginning."

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poopsack4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

o...k so he likes it.

cyax4279d ago

Is there any way to change the color theme on the site? Could be a combination of ClearType and the white on blue, but it bleeds out and really hurts my eyes.

Good idea nonetheless, re-reviewing a game when most of the issues have been fixed. Especially for a multiplayer game with server issues like Confrontation. Hopefully more sites will do the same.

ShinnokDrako4279d ago

So he says most of the times the servers are completely full of players? Weird, cause from what you read around the net this game is "lame" and "crap". ;) Maybe those ppl are there in those servers, having big fun without admitting it only cause it's a PS3 game? Bah, mistery (all ironic ofc, i'm joking) ;)

mario8884279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

LOL, No matter what the reviewers say this game rocks. They actually just added more rooms yesterday so me and my clan mates could find a 16x16 room that can accommodate all of us at once. We are waiting for the Patch to come before we start clan Battles and no this is not like any other shooter. The maps require you and your teammates to communicate. Always have atleast one teammate near you on your right flank or left flank and last man checks the rear. If you think you can pull a hCallofNoobie4 and go on your own, see how fast you get pinned down and outflanked.