Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One X is a Backwards Compatible Masterpiece

The recent arrival of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One is a simply brilliant addition to the backwards compatible library. And for X owners at least, the transformation is astonishing: what was originally the least preferable version of the game is now by far and away the best way to play it. Better still, it also sees Microsoft going the extra mile to bring an enhanced experience to users, to the point where the line blurs significantly between backwards compatibility and a bespoke remastering effort.

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Lexreborn222d ago

I just bought 13 and 13-2 on PC for 12 bucks in humble bundle sale. I’m good on the console version

DrumBeat21d ago

"Well (sticks nose in air) I just bought in on PC."

Lexreborn221d ago

Wasn’t a stick nose in air or not. It was informative if anything that you can buy all three on PC for less then 20 bucks. But if it’s only good news when it’s for me then that’s your interpretation, but I guess it’s only good news when it’s about an individual console version of said game?

You guys are funny on how you act when people share info on gaming outside your ecosystem.

kevnb21d ago

cool, in this case i would rather play on the xbox one.

zodiac90922d ago

None of you were calling this a "masterpiece," when it launched, but now cause it's resolution has gone up, it's all of a sudden a masterpiece?? Smh

--Onilink--22d ago

He is not saying the game itself is a masterpiece, rather the huge improvements on the X backwards compatibility. You would know that if you had read the article..

General Shrooms22d ago

easily the worst mainline ff game by a wide margin

Sirk7x22d ago

In retrospect, I'll take it over XV.

kevnb21d ago

XV had a battle system so terrible it ruined the game.

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Switch4One22d ago

Comprehension is an elusive mistress it seems. The game itself is still the same. The backwards compatible effort is masterpiece because it is near remaster quality.

Orionsangel22d ago

More like It's a straight forward masterbore!

CobraKai22d ago

I agree. All I heard was non stop hating on this game when it launched. Now it’s a masterpiece? I personally loved FF13 but enhanced graphics aside, the things other people hated about the game are still there.

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RizBiz22d ago

First time I've ever seen anyone use the word "masterpiece" to describe FF13.

Lionalliance22d ago

FF13 and "Masterpiece" don't go together.

Skankinruby22d ago

Nor do 'backwards compatible' and 'masterpiece'

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The story is too old to be commented.