IGN: Guitar Hero: World Tour Wii Review

We all know the technical limitations that come with working on Wii, and they're issues that hardcore Nintendo fans - especially those that don't want to invest in a second or third system this generation - are having to deal with time and time again. There isn't enough space in our fridge - meaning that Nintendo's console has less than half a gig of storage space internally, and that's used for WiiWare, Virtual Console, Channels, and save data - so the thought of downloadable content or expanded gameplay is about as far from most gamers' minds as you can get. Guitar Hero World Tour is a first step in a whole new direction for Wii though, and it's that blending of a still very fun music game and a pile of new technology worked into the Wii that puts this game in the must-buy category on Wii.

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White-Sharingan4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

when a wii game is superior to the PS3 and/or 360 version I now know I made the best choice getting Rock Band 2

all I have to say is: lawlz

EDIT: lawlz X 2 - Just saw Rock Revolution commercial; the game no one knew came out xD

FBl4270d ago

So Wii version is better than the Xbox 360 version,is anyone really surprised

jorgeanaya0004270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

That's a good score, but one wonders if it would fare as well if Rock Band 2 was already out for the Wii.

TheColbertinator4270d ago

The Wii version is superior? That is quite the sight to behold.Nice job Neversoft.

jorgeanaya0004270d ago

Actually, Vicarious Visions worked on this one.

jtucker784270d ago

Good job on opening up the SD card and data management Vicarious!

Now we need Nintendo to allow more third parties to do it too.

Captain_Sony4269d ago

Nintendo has nothing to do with it. Most Wii owners KNOW that there are other games that also use this feature. Nitnendo isnt stopping anyone. Sadly it is just lazy 3rd parties and people like you that are the problem.. Don't believe everything you read when there is proof out there that shows otherwise.. How did SSBB and blast works use this if Nitnendo is dead set against it? They even used it themsleves for SSBB levels. Why would they then turn around and refuse to let others use it? They wouldnt it is just poor 3rd parties that are using uninformed people tp try to make excuses for their inability.

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The story is too old to be commented.