Sony’s E3 2019 Absence Due to Timing of New Games, “Mistake to Skip The Show” – Pachter

Wedbush Securities analyst feels Sony might still be present "without a big booth".

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DarkVoyager882d ago

“Sony’s E3 2019 Absence Due to Timing of New Games, “Mistake to Skip The Show” – Pachter“

Great to know it wasn’t a mistake.

affrogamer882d ago

At this point the only thing Sony can announce at E3 is the PS5 but they were very successful with the initial reveal of the PS4 at their own show in 2013 and would want to repeat that for the PS5. As for the PS4 they have everything going for them right now. PS fans already know all the triple A exclusives that have yet to be released and I don't think Sony right now has more than 2 unannounced triple A exclusives in the works for PS4 so they would be wasting their time and money going to E3 next year.

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Mr Pumblechook882d ago

If Pachter says it's bad then that tells me Sony know what they're doing!

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FinalFantasyFanatic881d ago

Well if Patcher said it, it's either damn obvious, or it's the complete opposite of his statement.

Eonjay881d ago

I wonder if his prediction of 90 to 100 million Xbox One sales was also a mistake?

gravedigger881d ago

I'm sure that Sony doesn't bother what's on the internet these days and who's saying what because E3 skipping next year.

Kittles881d ago

Nah. Its objectively bad to skip e3, wether you guys admit or not. Whats worse though, is showing up with no new games to offer. Sony is smart for doing this, but lets not act like they had the choice.

Muzikguy881d ago

Sony definitely should have consulted the almighty Pachter before making their decision


RosweeSon881d ago

Yeah it’s worked for Nintendo and EA dont go anymore (can’t say I’m bothered about that) Microsoft didn’t last year so why would sony pay all that money when they can do it themselves on their own schedule

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ArchangelMike882d ago

Sony are still very much in the driving seat, and know exactly what they are doing. There's not point putting on a lacklustre E3 with games and trailers that gamers have seen for the last 2/3 years in a row. It makes perfect sense to hold off until they have all their heavy hitters ready to go. The anticipation for PSX2019 will be through the roof, and the media attention will be just as, if not more focused on what Sony will have to show. If the rumours are true of a PS5 reveal, then Sony will have the entire stage to themselves and will not have to compete for media mindshare during a crowded E3.

Tross881d ago

Not to mention, the XB1 has to more than double its sales to catch the PS4 and although the Switch is doing quite well for its first couple years it still has a very long road ahead of it. Suffice to say, no E3 presentation can do the impossible. If Sony is going to skip an E3, it's this coming one, and I'm sure they will still have a presence there even if they don't do a press conference.

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-Foxtrot882d ago

They would announce and show off the same games then you’d get a dozen articles saying they failed E3 showing the same shit

Companies need a hard reset and miss E3 for a year so they can start announcing games right near their release dates

E3 needs to be about third party devs and ones which games are releasing within the year before the next E3

blackblades882d ago

True, I say shut up and wait to see what happens in 2019.

Imortus_san881d ago

"Companies need a hard reset and miss E3 for a year so they can start announcing games right near their release dates " - then Sony would close shop, since they always announce games 3 to 4 years before launch, some took them 7 years, lol, not a good decision.

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jznrpg881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Like Crackdown and Fable F2P and Scalebound and Funko Pop Gears of War what else as announced by MS in last few years? Cup head an indie game that took forever to come out and what else ?? Not much

Imortus_san880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Funko Pop Gears of War was anounced E3 2018 is out 2019!
Gears of War 5 was anounced E3 2018 is out 2019!
Cup Head is not a first party or second party MS game, its a third party game,
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ____________________________
You pike 2 games from MS that went sour when Sony has a track record of over a 100 games beeing showed and then hitting the market 3 to 5 years Later, and some games from console reveal are never spoken again or delay a Generation:

The Last Guardian was what 7 years? jumped from PS3 to PS4, a very bad game that runs at 18fr on the original PS4.
where is Agent from Rockstar for PS3 from 2007?
The Fixer?
Eight Days? where is this one from the spectacular E3 2005.
Getaway 3????? ups,
WarDevil: Unleash The Beast Within.
Coded Arms Assault?
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ____________________________
So much more PS3 games canceled, so many exclusives that never came to be from Sony first and second party studios, and how long did games on PS4 took to came out?

PT, this demo that never moved forward!
Days Gone - announced in 2016 released in 2019
Death Stranding - announced in 2016 released in ? 2020
Detroit: Become Human - announced in 2015 released in 2018
Dreams - announced in 2013 will be released in 2019
Drive Club total screw up for a release game
Everybody's Golf - announced in 2014 released in 2017
Ghost of Tsushima - announced in 2015 released in ? 2019
God of War - announced in 2014 released in 2018
skip, skip, skip and keep skipping because all Sony big titles take between 3 to 7 years to come out, and the game that many are awaiting is:
The Last of Us Part II - announced in 2016 released in ? 2020

All datas taken from: from when the games were announced and then released.
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ____________________________
Missing / Canceled / Canned Sony PS4 games:
Deep Down
Sony Liverpool died (less two games)
SuperBot Entertainment was an American studio formed in 2009 by Sony, Unfortunately after the release of All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony cut ties with the company due to “inadequate sales”
Warrior's Lair
Zindagi's PS4 Exclusive Action Game Canned

zsquaresoff882d ago

Common sense is that there is no point in doing the conference if they have nothing new to show. Mistake would be to repeat the same footage which was shown earlier and highlight 3rd party games, which will be the case with Microsoft.

alb1899881d ago

The mistake is to have nothing relevant to reveal for this 2019 E3 because all the bullets were shoot already.
Let's wait to see if MS has nothing to show. I think you are too pessimistic about MS.
Why it is so hard to recognize that there is something wrong with this decision.

monkey602881d ago

Because the announcement of Sony skipping E3 next year has actually fueled the fires when it comes to the PS5 rumours. Sony missing E3 has driven the hype for their next conference through the roof. So skipping E3 is absolutely forgivable if their following presence makes up for it

DVAcme881d ago

@monkey602 Nail on the head. Everyone and their mother are salivating at the mouth for PSX 2019 now, cause it's everything but confirmed that it'll be the PS5's reveal. And instead of getting one hour to spotlight it and the upcoming last run of PS4 exclusives, they'll have a whole conference. I expect PSX to blow everything at E3 out of the goddamn water.

alb1899881d ago

And why will be worst if Sony would go to E3 2019. They won't do PSX ether so you fail.

monkey602881d ago

Sorry alb but was I supposed to be able to understand that gibberish or what?

MasterCornholio881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Did Sony confirm that they wont have PSX for 2019 or any other event for announcement? For that matter did they also confirm that they wont be attending Gamescom, Paris Games Week or Tokyo Game Show?

I believe the lesson here is that E3 is just one event out of many in year. Theres a large possibility that Sony will show up at one or more of the other gaming heck they can even create one of their own like PSX for example.

BTW heres the announcement of no PSX for 2018. However they dont say whether or not they will have a PSX for 2019.

Layden made the announcement on the PlayStation Blogcast, saying "For 2018, I know this is going to be a disappointment to some people, but we decided to not hold PlayStation Experience this year."

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