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Fallout 76 is akin to Ark: Survival Evolved, being that much of its potential is lost in the midst of its many technical faults. To be clear, at its core, this isn’t a bad game, in fact, there’s a lot of fun to be had in its padded world if you enjoy this type of gameplay loop. It’s a shame that in its current form, most of that fun is frequently interrupted by horrendous framerate, countless bugs, delayed rendering, and shoddy design choices.

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Ninver706d ago

This game will get ripped apart. They need to update their engine and gameplay mechanics.

Sciurus_vulgaris706d ago

It has been implied by Bethesda themselves that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 won't use a new engine. CD Projekt Red, R*, Gorilla Games, Ubisoft and others are way ahead of Bethesda when it comes to open-world game tech.

Wrex369706d ago

It needed it 5 years ago

ibrake4naps706d ago

It's a shame. I love the fallout world, but I'll wait for a single player one with a new engine. Even if it's not till ps6...

Nyandog706d ago

Garbage as far as im concerned.

Kraytossmeoff705d ago

Dead on arrival.....jeez Bethesda stop disrespecting your player base give them a game they deserve and that goes for other developers aswell Treyarch,dice get your excrement together a lot of games are lacking soul nowadays so much has changed this current gen not saying every game is bad but everything is rush rush rush micro transactions unpolished unfinished sigh......

Yetter705d ago

Honestly this is hilarious. Across the board the internet is slamming on this game yet me and my group have probably played 40 hours since release and whenever I pull up my friends list 80% are playing Fallout 76