Hooked Gamers: Hinterland Review

Hinterland doesn't do well in the graphics department. The game looks outdated but this somehow adds to the experience of playing this strangely charming game. Playing it made Hooked Gamers feel like they were playing a game from the good old days when developers were still experimenting with odd gameplay mechanics and graphics left much to be desired for but also much to be imagined. Objectively speaking, they would have to say that Hinterland lacks depth, is oversimplified and cannot hold its own in today's market.

Yet the fun they had with it tells a different story, one of engaging gameplay that is best enjoyed during a short game after a long, busy day at work. In the light of the many high-production-value titles that will be gracing the shelves this winter season, it would be unreasonable to score Hinterland anything higher than a seven, but that seven is well earned. Gamers on a budget will not be disappointed putting their $19.99 towards this one.

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