Nintendo and Microsoft Share Their Excitement for E3 Regardless of Sony's Absence

While Sony has opted out of E3 2019, the two tech giants have confirmed their appearance and shared their excitement over the upcoming event.

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AspiringProGenji25d ago

This is probably gonna bring a lot of skepticism and bad press toward Sony. Whatever their reason to skip E3 I hope it is a really good one to make up for this.

Septic25d ago

"Whatever their reason to skip E3 I hope it is a really good one to make up for this."

I'm confident Sony have something up their sleeve. It's most likely their own show gearing up for a console reveal.

If not, then unless their show has some killer format, it's a default 'win' for the others.

Skull52124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Why are we even talking about this? Isn’t it like 6 or more months away lol...

We’re closer to e3 2018 than e3 2019.

HaveSumNuts24d ago

The way Sony has been murdering all the exclusives this year it's like they showing mercy to the competition by skipping out on E3

ABizzel124d ago

They'll more than like do something like a Nintendo Direct. It doesn't make sense for them to show up to E3 and spend hundreds of thousands if not millions on a conference when they have the same games from last year to show.

We already know The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Dreams, and Ghost of Tsushima are the main exclusives for 2019 and the PS4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, so there's going to be a lack of AAA game announcements from Sony for the PS4.

They're better off with a small scale event, so they can focus on a PS5 reveal holiday 2019 - spring 2020, and a PS5 launch holiday 2020, considering PS5 will more than likely be backwards compatible with PS4.

michellelynn097625d ago

Probably to focus on the PS5. Just enjoy your games. That's all that matters.

DarkVoyager24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Nintendo may attend E3 but they don’t have a press conference anymore. That only leaves Microsoft. E3 has become less relevant.

I like how Nintendo have Directs throughout the year to announce things. Much better than waiting an entire year for one big show. Hopefully Sony will have something similar. I also feel PS5 will be announced in 2019 and launch in 2020.

michellelynn097624d ago

You have a point. Sony will be ok. People hit the panic button over nothing.

mkis00723d ago

They will release The LAst of Us 2 On the first day of E3 so that everyone is at home playing :)

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Silly gameAr25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Figured that these articles would start pouring in. Here's another topic that is going to be warn out and annoying like those crossplay and censorship crap articles. I guess when you can't write legit, write what gets the hits.

UCForce25d ago

Take it easy there. I will explain later when I send you PM.

Septic25d ago

Please share your wisdom with the rest of us

UCForce24d ago

@Septic I don’t think so. But I can tell you this, cycle of gaming business will repeat again.

Apocalypse Shadow24d ago

Well, the good news silly, is that you'll never see a bombardment of Microsoft F2P games behind a paywall articles. Or, Nintendo game saves or online service not being up to snuff with current competitor levels. Somehow, there isn't enough rage or interest out there for that.

But something like Sony not doing cross play, censoring of questionable pedophilia game art or canceling conferences when Sony shows up to more than the other two with games in tow, it's front page news. And needs constant discussion.

We know Sony will reveal why they canceled in due time. But expect weekly PS5 rumors, why Sony canceled two events and is Sony in trouble or giving their competitors an advantage articles.

Septic24d ago


"But I can tell you this, cycle of gaming business will repeat again."


UCForce23d ago

@Septic “Right...” That’s a weak response. I just hope MS and Nintendo doing fine but I fear that the arrogance will take over MS and Nintendo again.

chiefJohn11723d ago

Don't people don't like PMs no matter how innocent it is lol. Trust me I know 😆

ShadowWolf71223d ago

Bro you're not peddling your weird "cycle of power/Sony needs to fall so they can have another glorious rise" fanfic stuff again, are you?

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chiefJohn11723d ago

Crossplay and sensorship are legit, how are they not? Sony skipping an even for the first time in 25 year history is gonna rustle some feathers. If they came out and said we're saving info and details on our plan at PSX or some other even I think ppl would be less concerned, still disappointed but less concerned. E3 is the Superbowl of gaming after all.

mcstorm23d ago

That's the thing microsoft now have there own event Nintendo have direct and Sony have psx. Maybe E3 will become smaller and smaller in terms of the big news.

Also alot of people talking about Sony announcing the ps5 could also swing a lot of ways depending on that direction they go.

Microsoft have already said the next xbox will support xbox one games and also the Xbox one will play the next xbox games.

If Sony decided to just start a new gen with only psnow as thonly way to play ps4 and below games could hurt them.

The same if they put everything into VR and just sell a console with a headset as the price will be high.

I'm not saying this is what will happen it's just things people are thinking about.

Sony have been so far ahead this gen its crazy but both Microsoft and Nintendo have made some good moves in the switch being a duel console or Microsoft with game pass and forward and backwards compability.

I expect Sony to give us something big but they will eed to avoid some of the mistakes they made with the ps3.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what they do next and how the others respond

rainslacker23d ago

So it's not enough to say that they want to explore other ways to connect with their fans. They did that. In the article about them not being there.

People would probably be less concerned if they worried about when ms is going to announce anything relevant for their x1 consoles, because the only people I see concerned about Sony not attending e3 are Xbox fans, and Sony fans just seem disappointed that there will be one less conference, but optimistic that sony won't just leave us hanging.

chiefJohn11723d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Rain you might want to read around cause you clearly see people concerned and making up all kinds of scenerios and wonder what's the plan. Sony didnt exactly go into detail and left people's head scratching. Xbox fanboys would be celebrating and bad mouthing Sony, not concerned lol

rainslacker23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I see a lot of speculations. Coming from all directions. But, not a single person can say, or has said, how Sony or us fans would be negatively affected by this in any way, and Sony has spent this whole generation building up enough good will to be afforded the benefit of the doubt for their future announcements....regardless of where or how those announcements may take place.

And yeah, Sony isn't going to lay out all their plans for the future in a comment to a press outlet about why they aren't attending E3. That's not the place for that, and its quite possible they don't have all their plans laid out yet. On top of that, telling us their plans, just kind of negates the point of making an event, or some special way to engage their fans at a later date, because it takes the mystery out of it. Its been less than two days, and it didn't even take 10 minutes before some people thought they had to tell us everything?

The Sony fans won't have the Monday before E3 to look forward to, but it's one day. We'll get over it. Most of us already have. Sony itself will be fine, because E3 isn't vital to their success. Thanks for the concern.

ShadowWolf71223d ago

The word you're looking for is censorship, chief.

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Atom66623d ago

The top gaming company around just announced that they aren't attending the biggest games conference months in advance. Speculation is pointing toward a new console reveal.

Are you seriously saying this shouldn't be thoroughly discussed??

rainslacker23d ago

No one has been able to express how Sony is going to be harmed by not attending. Just a bunch of hyperbole about how it's going to not benefit them, or be bad for them

Realms23d ago

@ Apocalypse Shadow

Apparently if Sony isn't involved they don't get hits positive or negative, it get's very annoying seeing these ridicules topics over and over. How many cross play articles where written and nobody cares anymore why because Sony isn't being anti consumer, when the PS5 is envetiably backwards compatible you won't see any articles on that topic. So many fanboys love that crap because they like trolling and talking smack but most gamers don't care enough to be in every Sony article.

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UCForce25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Well, good luck to them. As for Sony, I was disappointed but not surprised. Because before this happened, I expected Sony would cancel their PSX and their E3 2019. Shawn Layden did said that he didn’t want people take their expectations way too high. But he did said that PlayStation will be more transparent with their community further more in the future. I don’t think Sony going to do like Nintendo Direct. They will take different approach from what I can see. Still, PS4 still have Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost Of Tsushima and Death Stranding.

Edit : I did read that Sony won’t have their own event around E3. I would believe Sony will take different approach somewhere else.

TheGamez10024d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Sony doesnt really have anything new to show in terms of 1st party and probably just want to keep quiet until unveiling the ps5...but damn does it suck they wont be there.
I just hope they dont quit on traditional presentations and such. This years e3 and last years psx were such doodies...
Do it like how they did on their best presentation. Sure I like the game after game after game thing but I also liked it when devs came out to talk about their games and showcased demos too.

basilboxer24d ago

They won't be so excited if Sony launches the PS5 and totally undercuts them :P

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