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An extract of the Wiiware World review of Home Sweet Home:

"If you are a sucker for those home improvement shows which clog up the television schedules so much these days then perhaps this game is the one for you. Home Sweet Home started out life as a downloadable PC game but now it's seeking to expand its audience by making its way to WiiWare.

The gameplay concept is fairly simple: you assume the role of an interior decorator, and as you might expect various people will ask you for assistance in designing their home's interiors. After you have planned the decorations correctly you have to command a squad of three builders to actually place the items. Everybody wants different things in their house, so it's vital that pick the correct objects. If this is done within the time limit then you succeed in completing the level and can move to the next. There are 50 levels in all.

The first step of decorating is fairly straightforward; you will get a request from the house's owner which contains a hint at which items they want to have. For example, one of the clients recently went on a trip to Asia, and liked it so much that they want to give their own house an Asian style as well. So naturally, you have to decorate the house with Asian objects."

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