ArcheAge Community Manager Replaced After Racist Comment

The German ArcheAge Community Manager from Gamigo has been replaced just days after being introduced to the community after using a racial slur.

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NoWayOut1115d ago

It's kinda pathetic how certain groups of people continue to use words that degrade and remind people of the horrible past just to make themselves feel better..

Godmars2901115d ago

In Germany? Betting neither person involved were black.

And really, the insult is the willful ignorance involved. By those who punish others for it as well as those who use it.

NoWayOut1115d ago

So let me get this straight? Black people don't exist in Germany? You really need to get out more and explore the world instead of an open world game

parris1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

If a person knows the word, they should have the common sense not to use it. It's not the type of word that you can know with out knowing at least the basic history of it regardless of where you come from.

It's so funny how things are these days, if someone calls someone a racial slur and they get offended that's a problem, but if someone then calls that person a racist and they get offended by being called a racist that's perfectly normal.

parris1115d ago

It's not the type of word that you CAN'T know with out knowing at least the basic history of it regardless of where you come from.

Sorry I said "can know" when I meant "CAN'T know"

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Godmars2901115d ago

No. Just saying that neither were black. Much like how there are few Americans in Germany.

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iofhua1115d ago


Races don't own words. Languages do. If the n-word is bad, it's bad. If it can be used positively in a certain context, it can also be used positively in a certain context by white people too.

Eonjay1115d ago


First before even trying to play the "everyone is equal card"... understand that there are two different words with two different contexts. No one should be using the one mentioned here. Then if you are brave you can deal with individual perceptions that say: oh this person is okay as it it and this one is not. Having accepted that you can have your beliefs without feeling the need to impose it on everyone else.

kayoss1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

I think the other issue to is that racial slurs and words is becoming a cultural thing. its like every kids now a day are using the "N" word nonchalantly in conversations with their friends who are of different ethnic race. The other thing is that blacks are using it in their music videos and how they talk to each other. This give people the impression that its ok to use these words in a conversation.

parris1115d ago

No they aren't... And even if that was the case it's one thing to swear when talking with friends it's another thing to swear on your companies website. This person used very poor judgement and has no one to blame but themselves.

If someone steals something and they get caught they can't just say "well all my friends were stealing" and expect to not receive punishment for their poor judgement.

kayoss1114d ago

Using racist slurs while talking to friends or at a work place in not acceptable. What make you think it ok to use racial slurs among friends? You're the type that im talking about. Racial slurs is now becoming a cultural thing. White kids, asian kids, black kids, mexican kids, dropping the N bombs like they're going to war.

parris1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I don't use any derogatory terms towards anyone nor do I condone it anyplace. I think we are misunderstanding each other. Though I still think your wrong about kids using slurs so often.

rainslacker1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

It is pathetic, although I think that in this case, that it's not certain groups of people, just someone trying to be edgy...namely, the first person to use the word. For the most part, outside the US, the N-Word doesn't hold the same weight, although denotes a certain level of connotation which I think we all understand.

Reading the story, all I can think is this guy probably wasn't cut out for the job either way. A internet community manager needs to have a thicker skin than to get so easily riled up over being called something.


"Black people don't exist in Germany?"

They do. However, not in the same numbers as in the US, and the word doesn't have the same history in Germany as it does here in the US. This isn't so much about someone being a racist, as it is being about someone using a word which has a certain connotation which really has nothing to do with black people. It's appropriation, not racism, even if the negative connotations have origins in racism.

Not saying any of this is appropriate, just your interpretation of it is off.

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Smokehouse1115d ago

Do germans drop the Nbomb a lot? I thought that was an American thing. I opened the article expecting to see “immigrant” or something equally stupid being called a racial slur lol.

It’s not like the guy was using it as “hate speech” though, he was just responding to a comment. Still dumb on his part but it’s not nearly as traumatic as some would pretend.

iofhua1115d ago

I liked ArcheAge's class system because it let you create lots of different types of character builds. But the game just has waaay to much P2W in it. Boosts, land, crafting, everything in the game is designed to make you open up your wallet.

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Sasami331114d ago

The sad thing is: everybody who was actually on that discord server were able to see that chemy responded to a message of a player who insulted black people the whole time and not her. Maybe she reacted on a wrong way but wouldn’t call her racist because of that.