Three New NES Games Have Launched On Switch Today, Plus Another Bonus SP Version

New games have been added to Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo Entertainment System! Traverse the depths of Planet Zebes in Metroid, defeat the evil Belzebut in Mighty Bomb Jack, and blast your way to victory in TwinBee!

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PhoenixUp34d ago

I’m still disappointed we still don’t even have SNES games with this service like Nintendo initially promised when they first revealed it

Geobros34d ago

I don't remember that they promised Snes games, they never did it actually. They promised other things like special offers to Online members but I don't see them coming.

ZeroX987634d ago

A nintendo representative actually did. I remember seeing it in many articles back in 2017.

34d ago
MasterChief362434d ago

Not only did a representative say it. It was part of a graphic they made a while back, too.

wonderfulmonkeyman34d ago

It will come.
Whether it will come with high-profile games we've been wanting right off the bat, however, is a different story...

34d ago
Segata34d ago

Will probably come eventually. I also remember them saying something to the effect of NES games would only be playable for 1 month. Seems they thankfully went back on that idea.

PhoenixUp34d ago

@ Geo

How’d you miss that?

SNES games were planned before they apparently got dropped for the time being

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player91134d ago

At this point in the game, Ninendo should already have their full NES, SNES, and N64 games up and available for purchase for $1, $2, and $3 for games. They are so old and purchased so many times, they should stop being greedy bitches and simply have them up for a buck or two.

In fact all systems should have an online retro library accessible to gamers. Major reason why I do not feel bad emulating.

34d ago
OtterX34d ago

I dumped hundreds of dollars into buying classics legally on the Wii, only for those purchases not to carry over now. Just pissed to the wind. :\

CrimsonWing6934d ago

This is pathetic. Just release what you had on the Wii VC and then add the Wii U stuff and then do this small trickle

Einhander197134d ago

I know what your saying about VC and how u spent loads on it. If that was the case you should of kept the Wii for future use.

EricLane34d ago

I love seeing old NES game covers. Oh the memories.

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