Crackdown 3's Cloud-Powered Multiplayer Is Real and We Finally Played It - IGN

The long-awaited Xbox exclusive is finally almost here, and so is its "power of the cloud" fueled multiplayer destruction.

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Sm00thNinja30d ago

No lag, no frame drops, I wouldn't have believed it had Red Dead Redemption 2 not been native 4k. I guess anything's possible color me a believer now 😂

Skull52130d ago

A nice little preview of tech that I'm sure will be implemented in all sorts of Microsoft games going into next gen!

princejb13430d ago

How long is it going to take? They promise the cloud in the beginning of the gen.

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UltraNova30d ago


Wait when was Grand Turismo supposed to make the ps4 4x more powerful again? I must have missed that /s.

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IRetrouk30d ago (Edited 30d ago )
That is what was promised, what they have shown is completely diff, and not everythings destroyable???

Skull52130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I think what has taken some time is they spent so much time on the tech they forgot they need to have a shooter with good gameplay in there is well, and while fully leveling a huge city is cool and all that, it doesn’t make for good gameplay, and you’ll see differences in the 2017 demo and the final product.

IRetrouk30d ago

Im sorry but i aint buying that excuse, not only has the city gone, so has the physics and graphics, look at what they showed vs what your getting, its almost two completely diff things, and not everythings destroyable in the level, was that because of gameplay too? Im sorry but they done a bait and switch, talked something up to be better than it was, at some point realised what they promised wasnt possible and had to change it, least now we know where the delays were.

Skull52130d ago

Absolutely a gameplay decision. Turns out when you blow everything up and all that is left is open flat ground it doesn’t make for a good shooting experience. Sounds like you’re trying to give Crackdown it’s puddlegate, but you’re the only one buying it.

IRetrouk30d ago

Sorry but no, puddlegate was FALSE, the changes here are REAL, the city, physics and graphics are completely different to what has been shown and promised, so they made the play areas smaller and some things indestructible for gameplay? Why couldnt they have just done that with the city?? If full destruction is no fun they could have added the same sort of indestructible structures that they have now.

81BX30d ago

Just like companies promised native 4k. The intent is there. Sometimes you encounter snags along the way.

mark_parch30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


I've seen you in a few comment sections now and can see you're very upset about this but I would like to make it very clear that nobody ever said the whole city would be 100% destructible. They made it very clear that it was just in the multiplayer mode which was always 5 v 5. Yes it looks totally different from the 2015 demo but like others have said it has to work from a gameplay standpoint. Whilst the destruction has been scaled back from the 2015 demo what I have seen from the new wrecking zone multiplayer looks way more fun. What exactly are you upset about? what exactly don't you like about the new gameplay? or are you just upset because you think Microsoft lied to you?

IRetrouk30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

What?? We knew destruction was only multiplayer, nobodys saying it was supposed to be in single player, He says in the video i posted multiple times that the destruction reaches right out to the city limits, their own words not mine, they promised a city of destruction not arenas, city is said multiple times in that video. Like it or not, what was promised v what they are showing is a proper downgrade, throw all the excuses of why they couldnt put the city in all you want, the game will be fun no doubt, but that mp mode has taken a serious downgrade.

WickedLester30d ago

I'd say come next gen this is all going to be possible at the hardware level anyway, so as usual MS is grand standing and chirping about a feature that ultimately will offer little significance. "power of Azure" "power of Azure". Who cares? I've never seen anyone bark so loudly about things that most gamers honestly don't give a rats ass about. Come next February Crackdown 3 is going to be swimming in 7's. That, gamers DO care about.

mark_parch30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


I think you have taken that one phrase out of context and I'm sorry you have been hanging onto that one sentence from 2015 but I wouldn't get caught up in tiny details like that as it will only lead to disappointment. I think that demo was shown more as a tech demo and clearly wasn't representative of the final product which was also stated. Nobody promised anything but I do agree a full city of destruction would have been epic but again how does that play into the gameplay. although its fun to watch big building fall down, it can't damage anybody inside and your left with just rubble on the floor which doesn't make for an interesting battlefield. I'm sure they have had plenty of internal testing and focus groups which has led to these changes. Microsoft clearly showed this game way to early but I think that's pretty obvious for everyone to see now. I will be pretty pissed off if the campaign turns out to be 2 player co-op instead of 4. I think we will get confirmation on that later this week as Jez is doing an article on campaign I think.

IRetrouk30d ago

Lol its not just said once, its said multiple times in that video not to mention in various interviews and previews, even in 17 they were still saying that the aim of multiplayer was to take the city apart piece by piece, and that it was 100% destructible, i could link sources but whats the point? Im hanging on to nothing but the fact they said one thing and did another.

Obscure_Observer30d ago


"A nice little preview of tech that I'm sure will be implemented in all sorts of Microsoft games going into next gen!"

Yes! It´s gonna be AMAZING!


Neonridr30d ago

I mean I should hope the game looks different.. The video that gets talked about was from 2015. We are 3+ years later. Changes were made along the way. So be it. Play the game, then comment about how bad it is or that you feel ripped off. Don't comment on its looks.

aconnellan30d ago


So a 7/10 is... bad?

I’ll never understand people like you.

AngelicIceDiamond30d ago

4 year long mockery and its real just as I knew it was all along. MS did bite off more than they can chew with the tech with early announcements and constant delays but it shows that MS themselves were learning as they go. either way all the nay sayers (which is like 80% of yall) can eat crow and rub your faces in it because all of yall were wrong, dead wrong at that. And proof that hardly anyone here ever knows what they're talking about just bash, bash, bash nonsensical. And I was right all along feels good right I have to say.

S2Killinit30d ago

Remember this is IGN, they would say something like this. They are essentially MS’s mouthpiece.

NXFather29d ago


I am fairly certain that there is no single cpu, non server side that is twelve times the garbage in these consoles. Not even the 2 thousand dollar chips. And even if somehow there will be that would take all the cpu power and leave none for the game if were talking about large multiplayer high playercount games.

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Jinger30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well, its seeming like the destruction is actually real. However, a common theme im seeing is people worrying about longevity of the mode. Obviously the demo doesn't have all the content, hopefully there is a progression system or something to keep you playing this mode.

King_Noctis30d ago

Well people who said only MS site previews it and say good thing about it can finally open their eyes now.

Skull52130d ago

Na they'd rather bury their heads in the sand.

UCForce30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Open our eyes ? How about no ? Like I said before, I know this game would show up at XO18 and i’m still not impressed by destruction environment because many games have done this before like Battlefield, Red Faction and so on. Correct me if i’m wrong, many developers not try to overhyped with that features of their game. But MS overhyped with this and that’s just utterly dumb. You can disagree with me all you want but like I said I don’t like how MS approach with this game in term of PR.

Jinger30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Red Faction isn't even close as the peices dissapear quickly and are not dynamic and battlefield has been scaling back like crazy. You can't topple whole buildings unless it's a triggered event like in battlefield 4.

Also "Correct me if i’m wrong, many developers not try to overhyped with that features of their game".

Then proceeds to list 2 games that hyped their destruction physics engine lol

Edit 2: then provides a third game that also bases their hype on their destruction physics lol

UCForce30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@Jinger But like I said, many developers not try to overhyped with that feature like Crackdown 3. You know which game is impressed me more than Crackdown 3 ? Just Cause 4. Full destruction environment is only work in MP, not Single Player mode.

Edit : if they impressed me, they should have done full destruction environment in SP mode and MP mode. That would impress me if they done both, but this is not impressed me. It’s just a half of it and it’s just standard arena mode with destruction environment which is only work in MP.

DarkVoyager30d ago


“Na they'd rather bury their heads in the sand.“

You should pull your head out of the sand also. The game will end up being mediocre just like Sea of Theives and State of Decay 2. You’ll see when the reviews hit.

Skull52130d ago

I agree, Crackdown has always been a mediocre IP, I’m not expecting much from this game, it’s the games technology that intrigues me.

The destruction tech is being handled in the cloud. So while it could work for SP you’d have to make it an always online title. Presumably the games SP will work offline and that’s why the destruction will be different.

NXFather30d ago


Hope you have fun with Just Cause 4.(Looks nice) We will be having tons more fun with crackdown 3. You do have a heavy spanish accent to look forward to.

MasterCornholio30d ago


He’s from Vietnam. Don’t judge people before actually talking to them.

NXFather30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


My comment was meant to be universal. No offence to anyone who may have been though.

Edit: Also I did think there would be so many english speaking spanish people though.

MasterCornholio30d ago


English is a requirement of the Spanish college entrance exams in Spain so its normal to encounter Spaniards who know some degree of English.

But im curious by Spanish do you mean people from Spain or the ones from South America? Im only asking because i see people confuse us all the time with Hispanics.

AngelicIceDiamond30d ago

@Skull like they always do.

@UC What your saying is your gonna continue to cry and complain for essentially no reason. As I said catch 22 if the cloud was fake MS mockery till end of time no doubt. If it was real. Cry complain and make countless of excuses. Well then stop tracking this game you won't be playing it so move on to something that interests you because clearly MS products will never ever satisfy you no matter how good they do, no matter how they're next gen brand new 1st party games look and play they'll always look bad or over hyped or whatever the lame excuse it is, you and many here won't be playing them...ever so move on for good.

NXFather30d ago


I meant from spain.

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instantstupor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm less worried about it working in closed off scenarios than when it is out in the wild and tons of people are hammering the servers all at the same time. I truly don't think it was unreasonable to be skeptical with what we've heard from trusted sources like Eurogamer (with an article as recently as 3 months ago discussing its issues and sources pointing to the destruction of the multiplayer mode being the culprit of the issues and delays).

I'm hopeful for the game, but even tried-and-true annual multiplayer shooters have ran well in closed environment press sessions only to come out to the public and be nearly unplayable. I'm still reserving judgement for when it gets into the wider public's hands. Hopeful, but holding on to a bit of healthy skepticism.

Jinger30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

That is a reasonable worry that isn't based on bias or trolling. Respect

shaggy230330d ago

I understand your scepticism, but a lot can change in 3 months. A game can go from a buggy mess to a polished gem.

Also from the two articles I've read about this game, the MP mode they are playing isn't running of servers at XO18, but actually running on proper Xbox Live servers.

Raiden30d ago


Destruction environments you pointed out in Battlefield, it is a pre-render environment and Red faction, JUST cause 3, that too has some destruction in environment too, but not live and not full stage/MAP DESTRUCTION, crackdown 3 is full on multiplayer map destruction, so please sit back and enjoy, unless you have no interest in the game, then stay away from commenting on it. game on people.

fr0sty30d ago

This is still a controlled local network demo, not working in the wild on actual internet connections, so your point doesn't hold up, yet.

rainslacker30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

At least the article here showed the physics in action a lot better. 2nd video on the article showed some game play in action, instead of a trailer which wasn't all quick cut so much it was incomprehensible.

Are there any more out there you know about?

Now that I asked, I'll give my opinion. It looks more promising now for the physics, as they showed some of the larger buildings being more complex. More physics shown off in that video.

I'm about to go to bed though, so I'll have to watch it a few times tomorrow and make a better judgement. If you come across more videos, i'd certainly be interested in seeing them as well.:)

Otherwise, have a good night.:)

mark_parch30d ago

the key part of the cloud tech is that it can render so many more destroyed objects. both red faction and battlefield have great destruction but the pieces will disappear quickly as the server and console can only process so much at any one time. If your not impressed by crackdown 3 that's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to say other games can do exactly what crackdown 3 is doing is simply not true

King_Noctis30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You are right. The tech and engine used for both CD3 and Red Faction are very different. Red Faction can never do environmental destruction at the same scale of CD3. But some people are desperate to downplay this game that they would say anything I guess.

rainslacker30d ago

It doesn't render them, but it can calculate what changes need to be made on the objects positioning to start their movement. From what's been said about how it works, it starts the initial destruction calculation, to what extent wasn't described, but the local machine still handles the updates to the transpose variables as it moves from frame to frame. Any additional physics through collisions with those moving objects I'd imagine is also done on the cloud, and sent back to start the process on a new object. There's nothing wrong with updating the transpose location of the object, even its rotation rate, as that is a fairly simplistic floating point addition calculation

So, for what they're doing here, it wouldn't be able to display more objects than the local machine can handle, or process more for movement than the local machine can handle. What it can do is process more variables related to the destruction than the machine can handle.

Also worth point out that these machines can handle a lot of objects, but if they get too many on the screen, then it can start to affect the frame buffer.

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FallenAngel198430d ago

It better be real since it’s the biggest reason the game took so long to develop

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FallenAngel198430d ago

What does that have to do with Crackdown 3’s intensive use of the cloud?

Seems like you got triggered

sinspirit30d ago

Look guys. Obviously, a cloud, or a server, or host is needed for a multiplayer game. It's always needed. So, when we get crap meant to mislead like this 'not possible without ...". Well, it's true. But, it's misleading. Because, they try to make out Azure as something special. It isn't. Which is why they keep calling it the "cloud" rather than specifically making headlines like "only Azure can do this".

It's not improving console power either, which they have backed out saying because they exploited believers about its capabilities being raised. It's just necessary to sync all player actions and calculations for the whole. Servers ready to be rented are already all over the world. Azure just happens to be owned by MS, but the end result and hosting process is largely the same with every product. Azure isn't special. It's just owned by MS, and is a flex. The massive scale of Azure is also a terrible drawback, because it was already average server hardware back when it was built. Now in order to upgrade it they have far more maintenance to be done.

These physics are also not impressive. Many, many objects can be broken, but the poly counts are low and the physics are very basic. It doesn't mean the game will be less enjoyable. It means nothing for the cloud has been proven innovative here. It's just a little less unorthodox. Lets break the illusion of new tech here, because it's absolutely not.

I'll continue to point out misleading, false hype, and fanboyish retort to make things a bigger deal than they are. It's just silly. Just have a game that is good at its core that you don't have to leave a trail of hype train bread crumbs like "gonna play this on.." type comments, clinging on to spun info from Public Representatives that are literally all talk and no action, and repeating rehearsed cult-like statements like "the powah" or "the beast" without correlating why nothing there is groundbreaking, mind-blowing, new, or even unexpected, because tech moves fasts. I swear you'll be so much happier when you start calling it like you see it, and then see them work for you with honest efforts and finally deliver something based on constructive feedback.

It's like the justified last gen Red Faction comparisons on local hardware were forgotten after CD3 fell off the radar for so long.

UCForce30d ago

Yeah, I think Red Faction did it first and its still impressive till this day. More importantly, They didn’t even try to overhyped it.

30d ago
NXFather30d ago

Man don't let it bother you this much since this is the way it looks to everyone. You guys are crazy on both sides. Chill man. Relax. Go play Spiderman.

Septic30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

" I think Red Faction did it first"

Lol. No.

pandehz30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

ROFLMFAO does not even remotely describe my amusement at your comment.

Jinger30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

1) Red Faction is not the first game to feature destruction.

2) You must not remember how they promoted that game. Their main selling feature was all the destruction and they advertised it as such.

You're trying so hard to downplay CD3's destruction. Yes the marketing of "the cloud" was over hyped. It's not going to make the Xbox one 4 times as powerful. But the server (cloud) destruction in CD3 is real and it is much more than Red Faction.

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crazyCoconuts30d ago

Regardless of whether it really is offloading some processing to a server or not, people have got to admit the buildings and pieces that are breaking away are so simple it's not a stretch to believe the game console could handle this locally. It's not that impressive when the falling pieces look like Tetris blocks. But hey, if it serves as a proof of concept that you can do it, fine. Still not confirmation that all the hype MS spread about the cloud was real...quite the contrary

aconnellan30d ago

“Regardless of whether it really is offloading some processing to a server or not”

“Still not confirmation that all the hype MS spread about the cloud was real”

Hang on... do you not believe them? Do you think that it’s all being done locally and that they’re lying about it being done with cloud compute?

Muzikguy30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Just remember when seeing the game in action that it’s supposed to make the console 4 times as powerful lol. Yeah it’s good that they don’t say this stuff anymore, but that’s the type of hype that started this whole thing. I’m not impressed with this final product after watching the videos. At least it will be out finally

crazyCoconuts30d ago

I believe that some calculations are being performed on the server vs. the Xbox. But the bar MS has set where "any game developer can assume that there's roughly three times the resources immediately available to their game" is not what I'm seeing in these videos. The promise isn't just that you can do mathematical calculations on a server and pass the results back, but that it reflects in a dramatic way in your game.

WilliamSheridan30d ago

They are offloading the physics engine. And let's be honest, the CPUs in these machines are horribly underpowered. The cloud makes it all possible. Lag free based on your internet connection

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dizzy7429d ago

You are so correct,and 20 xbox fanboys hurts badly with your comment