Looking Back at 10 Years of... Call of Duty: World at War

Matt writes: "It’s hard to remember a time when a Call of Duty game was being heralded as ‘fresh’. In fact, the barrage of titles has been welcomed with less fanfare than a Jedward concert! However, after the series’ resurgence in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Treyarch took players back to the horrors of World War II with 2008’s World at War."

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Fist4achin570d ago

WAW was badass! I loved the campaign and when you thought gamers we're bored of WWII, they came out with this gem in between games during the MW series.

PhantomS42570d ago

It was the first game to start the copy/paste that COD is now known for. The start of the fall.

Gamist2dot0570d ago

COD: MW, WAW, and MW2 are my favorites and during a time when COD was at its prime before the whole lawsuit debacle.
For WAW, many memorable dramatic moments. I wish they would remake/remaster WAW and MW2 like they did with MW.

letsa_go570d ago

Lots of great memories playing this one online!

Tankbusta40570d ago

Still the best COD ever...