6 Wild Predictions That Would Make XO18 Worthwhile

XO18 is this weekend, and it's shaping up to be Microsoft's answer to PSX, especially since there won't be a PSX this year. Whether it proves to be as big XO18 is shaping up to be an exciting event. It's time to let the hype machine run wild, and get some of our wildest predictions out there.

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william_cade71d ago

A lot of people play Xboxs here in Mexico, I get it; but I would kill for a PlayStation convention lol

71d ago
paintedgamer198471d ago (Edited 71d ago )

1. Battletoads
2. Initiative new game
3. Gears 5 gameplay
4. Elite Controller v2
5. Fable reboot
6. Halo Infinite

1. Most likely
2. Prob something like a name
3. Maybe
4. Most likely
5. Not a chance
6. Not a chance

So with this list, what we really want is prob not going to happen...

1. What the 4-5 studios ms purchased are up to (could give 2 shits about them buying 5 more studios) show me games! Games i can play this gen!
2. Gears gameplay
3. Halo gameplay
4. CD3 single and mp gameplay
5. Ori gameplay
6. Game announcements to include Fable, Splinter Cell, and some new i.p.'s

These 6 are what would make an amazing xo event for me... and none of these are far fetched... notice everything on my list is games games and more GAMES. If ms wants to hit it out of the park from here on out thats what they need to focus on. Not services, not controllers, not hours played, and things consumed... GAMES MF

shiva171d ago

I sure think that you buy veggies including brocolli in walmart and as soon as you bill you eat them raw. I say it because you are out of patience. You just need games from those new studios now and it doesnt matter to you on the time taken to build one.

optimus70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

yeah really, a lot of people complain that all they want is games as if they tend to play all day every day and get payed for it. 🙄.... i know some people take pride in playing games all day long but as an older casual gamer like myself that doesn't have the kind of time i used to dedicate to gaming, I'm quite satisfied with the amount of games that are getting put out. regardless whether it's 1st or 3rd party....but that's just me.