Courts Look To Resolve Violent Game Issue

DS-x2.com writes "

Using the upcoming Wii title "Mad World" as an example, legislators and gamer groups are taking their figurative chainsaws to one another.

A 2005 California state law barred the sale of violent games to minors, a law many thought violated the First Amendment of the Constitution. California is attempting to revive its "anti-violent-video-game law" in federal court. The U.S. Court of Appeals will review a 2007 ruling that found the law was indeed unconstitutional."

TheDeadMetalhead5448d ago

Here's a crazy thought;


ChickeyCantor5448d ago

Although i agree, but lets be honest here.
You would scream at your parents if they were MONITORING you :D xD

TheDeadMetalhead5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

You know what I meant! XD

If you don't think a game's right for your kid, don't buy it! You don't have to go cry about it and get the game banned. There's even a bloody parental lock on the Wii just for games like Mad World!

I want to laugh at their stupidity. But at the same time, I'm disappointed in the human race, lol.

NaiNaiNai5448d ago

your not alone. >.> funny how movies are so much worse and yet they dont go to court for it. >.> same thing applies there. or even books, people have killed others over books AHEM *the bible* and thats not banned.


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