SuperData: Players who pay for subscriptions spend 45% more on games

Nielsen's SuperData reported that gamers who pay for subscriptions spend about 45 percent more for games than non-subscribers.

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parris76d ago

Well... this certainly sheds some light on why all the other companies want to get in on the streaming thing.

rainslacker75d ago

Thought this would be kind of common sense. I used to play WOW, and after the $40 cost for the expansions, at $15 a month, I was still playing about $180 a year for it. Since I'd go some months with barely playing the game, I spent a lot more on it than I would have if it was just a regular game. But overall, I probably got $15 a month of use out of it collectively.

doggo8476d ago (Edited 76d ago )

"that gamers who pay for subscriptions spend about 45 percent more for games than non-subscribers."

Another reason why subscription based models are scummy AF. There is no way you can defend GAAS. It benefits corporations, and gamers come second.

aconnellan75d ago

I think you may have misinterpreted the title.

They’re not paying 45% extra than other people for the exact same product (eg you said “spend 45% more for games”).

They’re actually spending 45% more money within the games that they get via the subscription (DLC, microtransactions, etc)

It basically means that people who get their game via subscription service will spend more in-game than those who buy their games outright

ShadowWolf71275d ago

That... is incredibly stupid.

Why in the heck would you spend money for in-game content in a game you don't own?

rainslacker75d ago

Yet another example of how these services are more like pay walls to F2P style paradigms. Even if they're with AAA games, they're still using ideas that festered on the mobile market.


because they don't care about owning that extra content either.

warriorcase75d ago

@ShadowWolf712 Should ask Blizzard and every other MMO developer

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