Why Crunch Is Bad and Delays Are Good

There have been two hot topics in 2018. One is crunch, the idea that companies are forcing or leaving their employees little choice but to work 80-hour days. The other has to do with delays, as a lot of titles slipped into 2019. These may seem like separate topics, but the two are quite connected. Basically, we should be hoping and pressuring companies to avoid and abolish crunch, even if it means delays of anticipated titles.

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CrimsonWing691053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I don't think delays are good either.

Why crunch happens is due to bad management. Delays are usually a sign of that, too. Sure you can look at delays as in "they're trying to polish the product with extra time", but I find delays are usually a result of them not making deadlines, not that they are finished with the game and will use that time to make it better...

PhantomS421052d ago

"Why crunch happens is due to bad management."

That's not true at all majority of the time, of course, that's not to say it doesn't happen because of bad management. Crunch isn't a bad thing especially if the overtime that comes with it is voluntary. If you are in a field like this then you knew long before you applied that long days is part of the job and if you aren't passionate enough and are expecting a 9-5 then it's not the field for you. You want games to come out in 3-5 years or do you want to wait 20+ years for every game?

n1kki61052d ago

Most people I see writing artciles about this seem to have zero clue about the software development lifecycle, especially using agile methodologies. Crunch is not usually a result of poor management. It certainly can be. Whether its the end of a dev cycle, QA system testing crunch always happens. There is almost always a burnlist or backlog and even if you rolled items to the next release it doesn't necessarily mean crunch is lessened. I for one enjoy crunch. It also usually comes with a few paid days off following the release, plus bonuses depending on the version.

JBryant06191053d ago

80 hour days?? Dont think thats possible.

yellowgerbil1053d ago

Red dead 2 or duke nukem forever

TheEnigma3131052d ago

Why being stabbed is bad and getting shot is good.