Switch 2.0 - What we want Nintendo to Switch up

The Switch is almost two years old, and it's about time we think about what we want in the inevitable mid-cycle version.

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FallenAngel19841552d ago

Nintendo needs to release a new SKU with bigger internal storage and an Ethernet port built into the dock

Shuckylad1552d ago

And an optical out for audio along with Bluetooth.

affrogamer1552d ago

A 1080p screen with thinner bezels.

drpepperdude1552d ago

None of the games run that high when in portable mode and a lot of them run under 720p.

EddieNX 1552d ago

Of this newer model had a bit more processing power ( think ps4 pro ) the it could run the same games at a higher resolution.

Segata1552d ago

4K screen. RX 2080TI, proper controller, real games for adults, Christina Hendricks, Pornhub, Porche, New Pair of Nike, a bunch of bling, Record Label and Mtn Dew/Doritos for $199 and for it to be Sony branded for real dawg!

King_Noctis1552d ago

I’ll take Pornhub, thanks you.

JunMei1552d ago

I'd love a dock upgrade that uses their supplemental computing device patent which would allow for 1080p 60fps gameplay on all their previous 1st party titles when in docked mode.