Blizzard Changes Social Media Avatars Back to Diablo 3

After extremely negative fan backlash to the Diablo Immortal announcement, Blizzard reverts all social media avatar images back to the Diablo 3 icon.

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Gardenia32d ago

At what point did Blizzard think this whole mobile thing was a great idea? Did they really think it was going to end well?

solidossnakos32d ago

The fact that they announced the game in blizzcon, a show for PC gamer, is their biggest mistake.
This abomination of a clone netease game was doomed from the start.

chris23532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

judging by the numbers these kind of mobile games bring in it seemed like the best idea. from the point of view of corporate greed, that is *g*

sander970232d ago

It probably had something to do with Activi$ion.

HentaiElmo32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

At wat point did Blizzard think this whole mobile thing was a great idea?

At the point of “what you don’t have a cellphone?”
Did they really think it was going to end well?
Yes they did. They thought that because it’s bren so long since a new diablo PC players would jump in joy of a new diablo regardless of mobile or PC because “hey everyone have a cellphone “

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Chaosdreams33d ago

I imagine they used their phones when making this change.

T1125P33d ago

What dumb asses, shit bags lately. They know the fans want Diablo 4 so just show a small clip, can be 30secs. Instead they push mobile crap haha. Idiots.

OmnislashVer3632d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Even a LOGO would have saved them. Showing nothing was better than having fans fly in from all around the nation at a PC gamer convention- the same blokes playing D1 20 years ago at 2 AM. The same reasons they're a multi-BILLION dollar company. Don't betray these people. The same ones who PAID to go to a convention. You don't use this for a Q&A panel where you put some innocent devs up to get roasted...

Diablo Immortal was worth a 15-second tweet reveal at best. It really should have never been announced because F2P is immoral.

A logo would have been better than ALL the hyping they did for that POS Diablo Immortal.

That said, I'm hyping up Lost Ark instead. It looks much better and forreal I just hope it gets localized at this point:

Stanjara32d ago

Lost Ark is the best thing that i have ever seen in a while. What is this? Im so hyped! The trailer just keeps going and adding more an more. Wow!

Path of exile also looks good.

OmnislashVer3632d ago

Korean game my man. I'm thinking it's going to be localized because they have US subs on the trailer options and also say "For All RPG Fans" in English at the end of the trailer!

Dragonscale32d ago

Lost Ark looks great, first time I've heard of it. Keeping an eye on this. F*ck blizzard and diablo mobile.

Gahl1k32d ago

Now, I really understand why bethesda slapped a The Elder Scrolls VI on a picture and called it an announcement (although I don't think bethesda community would be so angry like this).

Sirk7x32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I remember that time when people waited twelve years for Diablo 3 and then it didn't even work at launch. I'd also argue 2 was better. I don't know why people are surprised lol. Oh, and twelve years between Starcraft and Starcraft 2. Let's see, Warcraft 3 came out 16 years ago, and there are no plans for a fourth. Remaster, oh wow.
WoW launched 14 years ago, no sequel lol. Blizzard has some of the longest wait times between titles in the industry. Diablo 4 probably won't be around for years to come. Overwatch is their cash cow right now, with tons of merch and advertising from OWL. Most of their resources probably getting poured into that franchise. There aren't going to be any more new Blizzard games without a way to continually make money. This is going to be more and more true for every large publisher in the industry.

Sirk7x32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I also forgot to mention, that Diablo 3 was also mired in fan outrage before launch, due to it being online only on PC, not working at all, and having paid auction houses. It's considered one of the worst PC launches of all time. You guys act like Blizzard just shat on Diablo and its fans now, completely forgetting the last entry.

PurpHerbison32d ago

How could you possibly trust them with a Diablo 4 though?

Sirk7x31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I didn't say I did lol. Better of playing Path of Exile. It's free, and Diablo 2 devs work on it.

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Sgt_Slaughter33d ago

That's the equivalent of waving the white flag. Congrats, Blizzard, you have messed up worse than Activision, EA, or Ubisoft could do.

franwex33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They are part of Activision...
Kinda explains a few things.

Movefasta199332d ago

we all know activision is behind this, they aren't the only big rpg developer that went downhill after being bought by by a big name, bioware is another

NovusTerminus33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I think D:I is fine since it is a separate team making it, but they really should have waited to announce it WITH D4, the announcement would be easier to take then.

RememberThe35732d ago

It seems like this was the right time to announce Immortal but they thought their biggest fans would want a mobile game. I mean WTF are they smoking over there?

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