All PlayStation Classics Available On PSN

From PlayStation Universe: "With the PlayStation Classic coming on December 3, 2018, we at PSU have decided to compile a list of PlayStation 1 Classic titles available to download on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita through the PlayStation Network."

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giovanealex995d ago

Nah. You are out of luck, friend.

naruga995d ago

where is Breath of fire 3 ?? (which is also the best BoF ).... i ve it for my PS3 , it is one of the most well done JRPGs of t that era.....also where is Tactics Ogre .?? it also available (but i mnot so sure about this one)

Minimox16995d ago

Im with you bro, 3 its the best of BoF, i dont understand why its not in the store but it its the PSP version, but will i play that PSP version in my vita and in my Vita TV for Big screen.

NecrumOddBoy995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Damn, I saw the title and thought "finally on PS4!." LoL, jeez, come on Sony.

ILostMyMind995d ago

"Who cares to PS4?". - Sony

Christopher995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Just FYI, you can get that list with PS2 games as well from here:

And, if you want specific for PS4:

Edit: If you're looking for some classics to play on PS4, I personally would suggest Rogue Galaxy, Wild Arms 3, Psychonatus, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, Max Payne (yes, even with the dream sequences), Destroy All Humans 1 & 2. Have heard good things about Jak trilogy and Red Faction 2.

Fonso128995d ago

If I can play FF7&9 why not add more PS1 games. Why can't I play Ape Escape, Wild Arms, MGS, jumping flash, and legend of Dragoon on my PS4. Sony much like Nintendo suck at re releasing their classics.

Christopher995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Because Sony doesn't invest in a team that updates those to be played on PS4. FF7 & 9 were updated to run on PS4 by Square, not by Sony or their respective IP holders. It also would require some licensing upgrades as those games are only licensed to run on those respective devices from the IP holders.

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Kaygamer995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Please they should unlock it for ps4. Had so many on my ps3.

autobotdan995d ago

Don't give up your Playstation 3

Christopher995d ago

They would need to rebuild the container software emulators for them. I'm hoping they're working on doing that.

rainslacker995d ago

It would be nice if they did. It seems like such a waste to not capitalize on the sale of those games. Would be cool if they redid some with trophies like they did the PS2 classics for PS4. Apparently its not that hard to implement, but does require publishers making a bit of effort. However, it can be outsourced fairly inexpensively from what I understand, and the games tend to sell more than your straight up emulated game.


Seems like a stright up emulator at the system level would work for PS1 games. Publisher would have to approve their use on PS4 though....which like MS BC, I'm sure many would since it doesn't cost them anything, an there is a chance to make money off it.

Christopher995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

It would work, but likely not preferable to today's desires. I think emulating on a case-by-case like MS does would be best as you could get them to run at 60fps and possibly even some software emulation for higher resolutions. Just a general wrapper has resulted in some bugs in the past and likely to continue now. I think they can invest a little more time and effort to ensure it works and do what it takes to make sure it's forward compatible as well.

rainslacker995d ago

It would still be case by case. Publishers would still have to approve their use on PS4.

This is simply because those games were licensed to run on a particular system. Something Sony got around by including hardware in the past, essentially making it run on said least from a technical legal standpoint.

The PS2 emulator does improve games, but requires some work on the publishers part to enable, so it's not a one fit solution. But they don't necessarily have to do that kind of thing for the BC releases. It makes more sense on the classic releases with added trophy support, considering they're asking price is higher.

However you are right, a general wrapper can be more problematic, since writing to machine code can mix things up, and the wrappers may not always understand certain system calls.

More likely scenario if they went that route is that a general wrapper would come, and bugs would be worked out when they cropped up for individual games. That's what they tried to do with PS2 emulation on PS3, after the removal of the hardware, but I think it became a bit cumbersome, and to my knowledge, the publisher was responsible for it on the PS2 games on PS3....which most didn't want to bother with.

Anyhow, as of now, it's mostly just hypothetical. Sony would have to cement an application for me to really say how I think it should be done overall. There are things I'd like to see if they enable it, but Sony is no stranger to BC, so I'm sure they can find a working solution should they so desire.

Christopher995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

***It would still be case by case. Publishers would still have to approve their use on PS4.***

You're talking licensing, I'm talking software emulation.

I already understand licensing, which isn't what was being discussed here. But I mentioned it in another comment before this one above: "It also would require some licensing upgrades as those games are only licensed to run on those respective devices from the IP holders."

***The PS2 emulator does improve games,***

Those improvements were made by Sony, not a stand-alone emulator. The games from PS2 on PS4 were all hand-updated for the system a la Xbox One X enhancements for older games on it. Which includes adding trophy support.

To support this, I present:

"Updated Features For PS4
Fans of the original game will appreciate the updated features in the PS4 version. Characters, environments, and cinematics have been given a high-definition upgrade, and both the original game’s display and more modern widescreen display are supported. Changing between the two display modes can be done at any time in-game, but certain menus are fixed. A screen scroll feature has been added for widescreen display that allows players to see more of the fixed screens than ever before as the camera now scrolls up and down based on your movement.

This release of Onimusha: Warlords also allows players to move using the analog stick, which should improve movement accuracy and accessibility, especially in a game that is centered around combat. This was the same treatment that Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 had for their release on PS4. For those who still prefer using the directional inputs like in the original game, that option is also open!

In the original game, Easy Mode was unlocked only after failing a specific battle a set amount of times. In this version, Easy Mode is unlocked from the start of the game for players who may find the adventure too difficult or want to enjoy the story. In Easy Mode, enemies are easier to kill and appear less often. However, you cannot change difficulty once you begin, so select wisely!"

All of that is done by Sony, not emulated. And it updates the game on multiple levels for a modern market and modern devices.

***But they don't necessarily have to do that kind of thing for the BC releases.***

They don't have to do anything, but IMHO, they should. The consumer deserves to have the best and not more reasons to invest in alternative piece of plastic that aren't tied to the centralized ecosystem already present as well as being unable to take advantage of superior hardware in which they have already invested.

rainslacker995d ago

My bad then on the misunderstanding. In that case, I feel you are right.

My understanding on the emulation improvements is that the way those things were implemented were within the emulator itself. The game cited in the blog looks to be more work done on the game itself to increase textures and add widescreen support. However, since many PS2 classics do indeed add widescreen support, I suppose that some level of developer interaction would have to be implemented.

I don't know if this needs to be the case though, as there are general improvements which can be made to smoothing or simply tesselation of the polygons that already exist. This in itself can cause some oddities at times if done without concern for how the end result looks.

And yeah, I agree that they should probably try to make BC as good as it can be if they decide to do it. It makes sense to make the software as desirable as possible so people will have more reason to buy it. I don't know if every game warrants such effort though, and requiring it may actually hinder its adoption. Something that just allows for a basic wrapper would open up the ability to put more games up.

Cryptcuzz995d ago

I certainly would have bought a few of the classics again on the PS4.

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giovanealex995d ago

You are out of luck, friend.

AK91995d ago

Shame you can't get tekken 3 or Ape Escape on PSN those games were my childhood.

moomoo319995d ago

I think i saw ape escape 2 on ps now but thats it

Vanfernal995d ago

You can get Ape Escape 2 on the PS4.

Godmars290995d ago

You need to explain this...

ILostMyMind995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Stop defending Sony on this, guys. There is no reasonable reason for not allow PS classic games (except PS3) on PS4. Sony should be ashamed and you too.

crazyCoconuts995d ago

"for not allow"? PS4 is a different architecture than PS3. They'd have to port it to PS4 add trophies etc. It takes some work (even with an emulator) it's not just "allowing" it, right?

DarXyde995d ago


ILostMyMind just said except PS3.

Sony can definitely get PS2 games running on PS4 since they have an emulator that runs them and PSOne can be emulated via brute force. It's, what, about 50x more powerful than PSOne? Pretty sure it can do it.

So I agree that it's pretty indefensible.

rainslacker995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Question is, why is Sony not allowing it?

People say its so they can resell their games. But how many games actually get remasters or classic releases on the store? Not many. And those remasters and classic releases would likely still sell, because anyone willing to buy an old game, is likely to be enough of a fan to buy a remaster or classic release.

Some say its so they can promote PSNow, but since there is only a tiny fraction of those games on PSNow, I don't see how that's the case. Even if people had PSNow, they would maybe be more willing to buy those games if they were available least if you believe what's been said about game pass promoting new game purchases.

So, it seems like it'd be more lucrative to allow these games to run on PS4...with publisher approval...because then Sony would get a cut of the store sales, and for their own games, they'd get the revenue of the sale of the game.

I don't see any technical reason why PS1 game won't run on the PS4, so there has to be a reason, but I don't think the reasons for it are what people believe, and as such, the defense may make sense since the reasons people are upset about it don't line up with logical conclusions.

crazyCoconuts995d ago

Yes, they should be ashamed for compiling a list of games they consider to be classics. How dare they?

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