Vita's Swansong is Coming - But What Will it Be?

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Since its launch in 2011, the PlayStation Vita has continually soldiered on despite western AAA support drying up, its own manufacturer moving its efforts to the PS4, and constant internet doom-saying that the console is dead (which, judging by a recent sales leak of North American software, it effectively has been for a number of years). Yet it’s taken until 2018 for Sony to deal the final two death blows – announcing that both production of physical carts in the west and distribution of the hardware worldwide will be ending in 2019.

This made me wonder about when we’ll see the final game land on the console and what form it will take. We already have multiple titles announced for release next year, including some final physical releases sneaking in just before the cut-off point. Even with western physical production ending, carts will still be available in Asia & Japan, and beyond that we’ve been given no date for the shut-down of the PlayStation Store (which will allow strong supporters like Ratalaika Games to keep going). So just what form will the final Vita game actually take?"

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