Ranking The Halo Series

Halo is a series with a very checkered past. Join Screen Critics as we take a shot at ranking all the major outings for the franchise.

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Skull52145d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Anyone who doesn’t rank Halo: CE number 1 doesn’t know Halo.

Halo Reach was broken, ODST was lame, and Halo 3 has terrible netcode.

Nu45d ago

Sadly Halo has been eclipsed by Gears of War all thanks to 343 industries. I've tried to like Halo but I just don't like it. I however love Gears of War 4 and I'm anticipating a great Gears 5 because Gears remaining true too it's roots continues to be a working. Hopefully the franchise continues to improve and become Microsoft's flagship killer app.

81BX45d ago

I think gears 4 and halo 5 are dope AF! To me the series is like uncharted. I love every last one of them. Sure some are better than others but all around they're great. I remember halo3 launch. Wtf was that? Took forever to get decent MP without horrendous lag lol.

DasTier45d ago

Gears 3/4 were garbage. 5 looks on track to continue that trend.

Halo 3 & CE were the best games in their franchise too, imho.

Skull52144d ago

Gears wacky customization options has ruined its dark and gritty feel, it’s ruined the franchise, at least in the multiplayer arena. Halo is still great, Master Chief collection is awesome and so is Halo 5.

monkey60244d ago

Relieved to see Halo 5 so far down that list. I absolutely hate that game. They ruined the series

PhantomS4244d ago

Halo CE
Halo 3
Halo 2

Honorable mention - Halo Reach