Vampyr Review (Gaming Evolution)

Vampyr takes place in 1918 London, during the heights of the Spanish flu pandemic. Whether intentional or not, this game was released on the 100th anniversary the tragic event that saw more than 500 million people infected and more than 50 million people around the world die at the hands of a seemingly uncontrollable virus. You play as Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, a renowned doctor who survived The War; only to stricken down upon his return home. Upon coming to his senses after being attack, Dr. Reid soon realizes that he has become the very thing that was hunting him upon his return home; a Vampire. Now being hunted by humans and not willing to accept what has become of himself, Dr. Reid comes across a Dr. Swanson who takes him in as a resident doctor at the Pembroke Hospital. It is here where the narrative of Vampyr truly begins as you are given three tasks; finding out who turned you into an Ekon (what Vampires are called)? Why were you turned in a vampire? And solving the epidemic that is ravaging London and the surrounding world.

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