Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for November 2018 any good?

Neil writes: "Christmas has always been thought of as a time for giving, but even though the holiday celebrations are just around the corner, it's not quite time for us to be expecting great gifts. But as November 2018 rolls around, that is exactly what the team at Xbox HQ are giving us with the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles. But are they actually any good? Will you want to play them? By golly, yes!"

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Chaos-Dad1610d ago

as EA Access Member.... no :/
Battlefield 1 is old and was in a 5$ Sale last Week...

lxeasy1610d ago

As some one who is not an EA Access member .... yes :)
I look forwards to playing BattleField 1 for free with season pass included since EA gave out for free during October.
Dante's Inferno is an underrated game. I loved it last gen.
Assassins Creed is a classic and one that came out early last gen and showcased the transition to HD.
I've never played Race The Sun so looking forward to see what that game offers.

CJLogix1610d ago

Very nice! Especially now theres an xbox one x patch out for battlefield 1.

PhantomS421610d ago

Battlefield 1, huge yes especially if the DLC is still free. Race the Sun, no dull endless runner cell phone trash (picked it up on PS+ played once and deleted), Assassin's Creed, possibly best Assassin but I haven't played it since it came out so not sure how it holds up. Dante's Inferno, massive yes...hugely underrated.

ccgr1610d ago

I enjoyed Race the Sun, to each their own :)

neil3631609d ago

I very much enjoyed it too. Hugely addictive.

lxeasy1609d ago

I think Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood are better than 1