Fallout 76 PC and PS4 Beta Marked By Chaos and Launcher Issues

The Fallout 76 PC and PS4 beta featured multiple launcher issues that forced gamers to redownload the game files after preloading everything beforehand. In the end, thousands of people couldn't access the exclusive closed beta for pre-orders. Instead of testing the game, they had to redownload the 50GB files once again.

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jjb19811607d ago

Nobody is missing out on anything. The world is so empty.

MWH1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Not a good start, half baked bs is written all over this game.

Senyra1607d ago

At least they extended today's beta time but still, the exclusive closed beta for pre-order on PC & PS4 is gone.

KwietStorm_BLM1607d ago

This game looks more like crap by the day. The beta is buggy as hell even by Bethesda's standards, and the world is littered with..nothing. Why are they releasing this

Patricko1607d ago

Kids will play tons of money for stupid outfits and cosmetic stuff. Bethesda wants their part of the cake too.

Senyra1607d ago

60€ games are such a shame these days. If you buy popular indie games on Steam for 10-30€, you generally get better. It is a world about money money money and sadly with the big aaa+ games, you gotta pay for the brand too.