Red Dead Redemption 2 Embarrasses its Open World Competition

With Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has created an open world experience that elevates the entire genre and boasts unprecedented immersion.

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DarkVoyager44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

“Red Dead Redemption 2 Embarrasses its Open World Competition“

Between RDR2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn for me. Both are equally amazing games. Although at least Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t blurry and has real HDR.

Spurg44d ago

I'm sorry but nah.
I know it's your opinion but HZD isn't even in the same ballpark as RDR2. The only thing that stood out in HZD were the enemies..that's it. The rest was just the same open world antics you see plaguing Ubisoft and many other open world games.The only games that comes close is the Witcher 3 and GTA 5.
RDR2 's world is an intimate one where simple interactions with random NPC shows a truely living and breathing world. Simple day to day tasks like picking bags and chopping wood is given context and listen to conversation of your most hated gang members can make you sympathies with them. These are what make RDR2 so great and unless HZD at least does those thing that you could say they are both in the same ballpark if not then they don't belong in the same sentence.
RDR2 is unmatched in this department and the only one to truely test Rockstar are CD Project Red.

DarkVoyager44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

“I'm sorry but nah. I know it's your opinion but HZD isn't even in the same ballpark as RDR2.”

Well let us disagree then. Both games are very close in terms of graphics. Maybe if they patch the blurry image and add real HDR to RDR2 on PS4 Pro it would be an easier choice. The good thing is that PS4 owners get to enjoy both games regardless.

Dark_Knightmare244d ago

Nah horizon blows red dead 2 away in the most important part gameplay and it’s not even close. Aloy controlled wonderfully and the combat was silky smooth,responsive and fantastic while rdr 2 is the exact opposite.

sampsonon44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


and the world is full and alive unlike RD.

FunAndGun44d ago

Horizon puts Red Dead 6 feet deep in the gameplay department. gameplay is king.

steven83r44d ago

@sampsonon HZD is Amazing no one is disputing that. But it is not as alive as RDR2. The video you posted showing off HZD isn't a good representation. She doesn't even leave footprints in the mud or snow!!! The snow deforms when walking in high snow conditions but when she's walking the trail in snow she leaves no trace behind. Those little details are what makes RDR2 amazing. In RDR2 near the swamps, if you pick up a body there is an imprint. Then put it back down and it sinks a bit lower and lower and lower as you continue to push it down. Even the wagon wheels are muddy and dogs legs and paws get muddy.

Inzo44d ago

"I know it's your opinion but HZD isn't even in the same ballpark as RDR2."

Well thats because Horizon is better.

himdeel44d ago

@steven83r I cannot play details. I do play through gameplay. I'd prefer tighter gameplay over deformed snow and mud all day.

I wish RDR2 played as tightly as HZD. RDR2 has an impressive level of detail but when I feel like I'm fighting my controller, I don't care about that shit.

Highlife44d ago

Sorry bad nah, HZD is by far better gameplay wise. RDR2's world is more immersive but it's just not as fun. Just seems like everything takes to long to do even looting takes too long.

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

RDR2 seems to have the same open world antics you see elsewhere, they just added tedious chores to the mix. I'm not sure how that is really putting others to shame.

What about RDR2's optional quest lines are so unique that they are somehow a step up? it's still, "go here, get something, bring it back", but instead of making some of the side stuff fun, they made it laborious, where you have to do something in "real time" regardless of how it breaks up the flow of the game. Quests still seem set up to send you to a particular area, to end up doing all those side quests which amount to fetch quests for the most part. I know there are some which add to the story of the game, although I haven't gotten to those yet, but I think The Witcher and Horizon:ZD both had those pretty well, so not really putting those two to shame.

I do agree that RDR2 does have a rather deep interaction system with the NPC's, but as far as I can tell, there is no real effect on the world itself, beyond you might get chased after by the police....which seems to happen either way.

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EmperorDalek44d ago

The Xbox One X version of RDR2 kills Horizon visually.

Dark_Knightmare244d ago

Lol no it doesn’t don’t be a fanboy

xXxSeTTriPxXx44d ago

You have got to be kidding right?

marioJP8744d ago

Nope, you better watch the comparison that's available on YouTube. I thought the same thing at first until I saw the side by side comparison.

Silly gameAr43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Well, when you don't have much to brag about, then I guess you have to take whatever "win" you can get.

This headline though. Nice clickbait you got there.

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

And I'm sure if GG had 6TF to play with for Horizon, it would blow away RDR2 visually. Or at least match it. Maybe not resolution wise, because Sony devs seem to prefer graphics quality over resolution.

Horizon already holds its own against RDR2 on the PS4P, and to some levels, even on the base PS4.

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Dom_Estos44d ago

HZD? Are you taking the piss? Is this a early April fools joke?

Dark_Knightmare244d ago

Horizon is amazing what’s so shocking to you?

sammarshall10244d ago

Red Dead is the better game I think Horizon 2 needs a better and more fleshed out melee system

Both open worlds are beautiful but Red Dead 2 has more natural lighting, more interactivity and a better day n night cycle

AspiringProGenji44d ago

Ooh you think HZD melee is bad, RDR 2 melee is 3 times worse

sammarshall10244d ago

@AspiringProGenji I actually like fist fighting in Red Dead over Horizon's melee

AspiringProGenji44d ago

Ok but what I mean is that the melee in RdR2 is very sluggish and unresponsive. The melee in HDZ is simple because it is not a melee based game even tho it could use some work for sure

Dark_Knightmare243d ago

Better day/night cycle are you taking the piss lol. The day/night cycle in rdr 2 is really bad and needs fixed up

sammarshall10243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

@Dark_knightmare 2 I said the same about Horizon, the time of day accelerates way too fast in Horizon and seems unnatural I hope they fix that in the sequel

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Melee wasn't supposed to really be the go to option in HZD. It was an emergency option, or when you had time to set up a power swing to one hit some of the dinos. However, the human NPC mellee was the same, so at least it was balanced. Otherwise, having Aloy have more skill with her staff probably wouldn't have been a bad thing.

Otherwise, the mellee system in RDR2 is terrible.....mostly because the controls are all on a kind of time delay of "wait until I'm doing doing what I'm doing until you press that button".

My only problem with the day night cycle in H:ZD, is that it was usually more night than day. That made exploring a pain sometimes. Otherwise, it had dusk and dawn, and appropriate lighting for each. Different parts of the world also had different kinds of lighting depending on the day...although that really made no sense considering most of it took place in a small area in Colorado, although it also had parts in Utah and Arizona. However, the small space may have just been a scale issue with the size of the world.

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King_Noctis44d ago

Horizon, while is a superb game in its own right, isn’t as deep and as complex as RDR2.

Imalwaysright43d ago

Not even close. On a technical level RDR2 curb stomps Horizon.

rainslacker42d ago

Nor was it meant to be. Which is why RDR2 doesn't embarrass it. GG wasn't going for this deeply immersive world where trivial chores are part of the game, or where everything is interactive.

The way the two were made in terms of immersion was a completely different perspective, and for the most part, only Bethesda and R* make open world games that try to be like they are.

bluefox75544d ago

The controls and combat of HZD are definitely way better. RDR2 has an amazing world though, and a better story IMO. Rockstar did what it does best, created an epic, living, breathing world.

mad-dog44d ago

Graphics are way better in Horizon. But the world in RDR2 is much more alive and detailed. For immersion, i like RDR2 more. Horizon's core gameplay mechanics when fighting the robots are just so amazing. The controls in RDR2 are less intuitive and the feeling of control is way less than in Horizon. But come on people.. both games are amazing to play. And both look amazing enough to enjoy. It's not an issue. It's all there for us to play. Enjoy.

UltraAtomic44d ago

Rock star just announced the new patch notes. It says "players of the ps4 pro must get an xbox x for the best experience." 😁 jk

WillyC00944d ago

As someone who owns both and is a big Sony fan. Horizon was a fantastic game, but to me RDR2 is a significantly better game to me. Totally understand anyone who would prefer horizon, difference pace. But for me I love the deliberately slow approach to red dead. Visually they are both beautiful. No doubt about it.

NXFather43d ago

I could not believe how blurry all the systems other than the X were. But after enough research a few times on different days I found out that it is not all the pro systems. There are some dynamic 4k that looks beautiful. Still a little bit beneath the X but, it is what it is. I was in disbelief how bad some of the youtube streams were but, after enough searching this is a problem that affects only some of the pro users. I can't say if it is most but, it is too many. But, some are actually being truthful when they say their experience looks amazing. I had to go across tens of videos although but, sure enough some people got lucky.

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It seems more like its an issue with some displays, and on some of those displays, it can even be remedied if one wants to go through the effort of switching things on and off. Personally, I wouldn't do that, because I have my TV set up the way I like it.:)

This may be because of how the PS4 reconciles HDR with the TV, as the device and the display do have to communicate with each other to initially set up the HDR protocol on the TV. After that's established though, its all within the metadata which is just passed along, with the occasional check for HDCP compliance. however, given that so many games don't have a problem reconciling this data, it seems like an issue where it wasn't set up properly on R* part, or didn't take into account there maybe being a new or old control chip to set things up.

That's the problem with new tech though...even once its established, it may not work right, and could easily change to a point of rendering early adopters devices obsolete before they even had a chance to use was the case with HDCP and UHD. Even Sony and MS got caught off guard with the final HDCP implementation, as it required the pins on the HDMI controller chip to not be exposed, because I guess that could lead to some people hacking HDCP content.

NXFather42d ago

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was the pro or the displays. I meant that in more of a generic way and not engineer way but, thanks.

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Spurg44d ago

For show!!
Its FPS mode I thought sometimes puts fallout to shame.

arkard44d ago

Ps3 games put fallout 4 to shame not hard to do

PhoenixUp44d ago

Ubisoft don’t care. They’re going to continue their their formula regardless

King_Noctis44d ago

You are so right. I wish people would just stop using the Ubisoft formula and try something new like Rockstar did with RDR2.

EazyC44d ago

Great piece. You know, I fully expected it, especially as hype reached defcon-1, but I am still surprised that so many people don't like the game. I know at this point that RDR 2 is one of the greatest games I've ever played, . What impresses me most is how it doesn't allow you to rip it up at lightning speed like GTA 5 and most open world games, but really take it slow and immerse yourself, much like a great RPG does. An absolute masterpiece.

Concertoine44d ago

Yeah, other rockstar games i find a chore to play tbh. Red Dead 1 was always my favorite because of its narrative, but even it took me a while to beat.

But i cant put RDR2 down. Its fantastic. The dialogue is great, every conversation is worth hearing and theres so many of them. I like how the guy i saved from a snake bite saw me much later in the game and bought me a free gun. The cinematography is impeccable too, and the option to switch to first person is so nice. When i got to saint denis, ive never been more impressed by an in-game town. It looks and feels so damn cool.

The controls arent great, its a little slow, but this is a hell of a game.

rainslacker42d ago

Its that slowing down that some people don't like though. I can understand why, because some people want faster paced games. Personally, I don't mind slowing down for a game. I just prefer it to not be forced on me, and I'm the kind of person who will do all that side stuff for as long as its fun. The problem I can see me having with the game eventually, if I play it long enough, is that a lot of that slowing down is going to get really tedious, when all I may want to do is get into the action. For instance, one night, I may want to advance the story a good deal to set up my next play session and get access to stuff later in the game. but if I have to slow down and do things I'm not interested in doing, then it becomes a chore, and frustrating.

I experience this in RPG's where I'm going for the platinum trophy. I'll play as much as I can doing routine stuff not related to advancing the story. But eventually, I just want to move on, and in those games, I can stop all that side progression stuff, and just head back to the story....outside of being locked into a side quest of some sort.

georgenancy44d ago

ride horse for 15 minutes
kill 3 guys
ride horse for 15 minutes
kill 4 guys
ride horse for 15 minutes
kill 2 guys
do annoying camp chores...repeat

PapaBop44d ago

If this is all you see from playing RDR 2, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

georgenancy44d ago

this is literally all you do in the game,sure the story missions are great but aside from that its just boring mundane stuff

sampsonon43d ago

I'm playing it, i like the story, but he's not that far off in his description.

King_Noctis44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Yeah while ignoring the plethora ora of activities that this game have to offer like actual side and main quest, fishing, hunting, playing mini games like domino and other things.

Hungryalpaca44d ago

That’s not even remotely close to true.

PhantomTommy44d ago

"OH MY GOD, Shadow of the Colossus is such a chore to play, you spend so much time riding your horse doing NOTHING. This is not a perfect ten (because ten means literally perfect, don't forget). Why can't I fast travel to the Colossus?"

I didn't expect RDR2 to be an action romp and maybe that's why I'm enjoying it. It's the cowboy simulator I've always wanted and I find myself getting lost for hours on end while playing it. Controls genuinely suck though, I can agree with everyone there.

DaReapa44d ago

My thoughts exactly. Though, I wouldn't rate it a 10.

Psychotica44d ago

Were you expecting to go bowling with your cousin?

georgenancy44d ago

I'll watch the rest on youtube. Don't really think am missing out on much.Horse simulator got boring real fast

steven83r44d ago

Wonder what kind of games you play. By your logic all games suck. I'll give examples.
Get Car
Do 10 Laps
Get Car
Do 10 Laps
Choose weapons
Throw Grenade over building hope to get kill
Shoot Shoot Shoot Get Kills, Die. Respawn
Choose weapons
Throw Grenade over building hope to get kill
Shoot Shoot Shoot Get Kills, Die, Respawn
Fighting Games:
Choose Character
Punch, Kick, Take Down, Win/Lose and Repeat.
And so on and so on and so on.

georgenancy44d ago

yeah all you've written actually sounds better than rdr 2 lol

WillyC00944d ago

Lol no. Just stop it. Maybe the game isn't for you but its exactly what I was lo0king for and hoping for.

Skankinruby44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Replace 'horse' with 'car' and you got the whole GTA series in a nutshell. RDR 2 has the best characters and campaign of any rockstar game

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