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Assassin's Creed Odyssey is an Olympic feat of Titanic proportions. Grab a lotus, relax on Aeaea, and find out why Brian would play this for a decade.

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william_cade1561d ago

Did he get free in game credits to spend on MT's?

Scatpants1561d ago

The game is legitimately great. I feel bad about putting it down to play Red Dead. I actually enjoy it a little more than Red Dead just for the horse auto run feature.

1561d ago
jznrpg1561d ago

This game sounds pretty good but I have so many games to play It will have to wait . Winter is coming and I get a lot more gaming done so I should be able to finish it before the next pile of games come in spring.

King_Noctis1561d ago

This game deserve no where near a 100.