Top 10 Most Terrifying Horror Games to Play On Halloween

Horror movies have been a staple of everyone's favorite candy-indulgent holiday for as long as the medium has been around, and in the past decade, games have finally begun to join the club.

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Ruegrong999d ago

Gone [email protected]!?? That game isn't worth your time, and bioshock is nothing compared to system shock 2

NecrumOddBoy999d ago

Gone Home is... ok, yeah, nope...

I would add Until Dawn and Rush of Blood to the list. Very Halloween-ish and very scary.

badz149999d ago

Siren on PS3. damn that game is creepy AF

Bhai999d ago

Ruegrong absolutely!
Gone Home is plain shite... tell you what Until Dawn and Resident evil 7 are truly gems but I'd add some varied stuff too:

1. Here They Lie (Now patched without PSVR!!! an absolute gem for existentialist horror fans)
2. Outlast 1 + DLC (Stunning, mind boggling horror, esp the DLC)
3. Kholat (Some of the best execution of narrative in a walking sim)
4. Evil Within 2 (Da bestest features of what P.T. could have been)
5. Layers of Fear (now apart from the ending, everything reeks P.T. perfection)
6. Kona (absolute love-stuff if you're into Twin Peaky mystery horror)
7. Slender (the new one, weak in areas but striking horror noneheless)

Akuma20000999d ago

If you want to play a really scary game on Halloween, play Outlast...….turn off all the lights and turn up the volume on your headset......nuff said.

Skankinruby999d ago

^^^THIS, I went through Outlast the first time in the dark with noise cancelling headphones and it was intense as hell. No horror game has matched that rush for me.

Akuma20000998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Same here, it was very intense indeed (I almost couldn't finish the game)…..The music alone will have your nerves on edge, you'll be jumping at every little thing...….lol

StormSnooper999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Resident evil on PSVR... if you think youre tough

SockeyBoy999d ago

Try Visage, that game is terrifying