The Dark Souls Of Needs To Stop

Back in 2011, Japanese development team FromSoftware released their action-adventure RPG Dark Souls into the world, and gaming analogies have never been the same.

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porkChop48d ago

"this game is the Dark Souls of shooters"

"this game is the Dark Souls of racing games"

"this game is the Dark Souls of dating sims"

Etc, etc. Everything gets compared to Dark Souls even when there's no similarities whatsoever. It was fine at first, but it's kind of annoying at this point.

King_Noctis48d ago

When they use the term “Dark Soul of” they mean the game is as hard as Dark Soul. They don’t literally compare the game to Dark Soul.

Born2Game8348d ago

@King_Noctis because hard games didn't exist before Dark/Demon's Souls.

King_Noctis48d ago


Yes they do exist. They are tons of hard games before DS. But you know why they use DS as the template? Because it is the most recent one and the one that propelled the “hard” genre into mainstream.

porkChop48d ago

"They don’t literally compare the game to Dark Soul."

Saying a game is as hard as Dark Souls is a comparison though. That's literally a comparison based on perceived difficulty. So my point still stands. We don't need to bring up Dark Souls every single time we want to say a game is difficult, that comparison is ridiculous and overplayed.

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fonduktoe48d ago

It created a new parameter for modern games that I personally no it doesn't

dotwithshoes48d ago

It didn't really.. it continued on a previous series.. look up King's Field.

nitus1047d ago

The Kings Field games were from a first-person perspective and to be honest I loved KF1 (PS1) and KF4 (PS2). However, while you can compare some features of the Kings Field series to the Dark Souls Series there were radical differences with the most glaring one being the Dark Souls series was from a third person perspective.

In the Kings Field series, you could only save at specific places and if you die you only start again from your last save. In Dark Souls the feature of saving at a bonfire was to select a place you would go back to if you die (a sort-of place marker), sans-souls of course although you did get to keep your unused items, armor and weapons.

As for difficulty, the Souls games were tough but fair but with the ability to get NPC and even online help that difficulty can be reduced considerably. Of course, while online capability (something the Kings Field series did not have) can be used to make the game easier the player also runs the risk of being invaded by other players and having his/her avatar killed.

One really interesting feature of the Dark Souls Series (I am including Bloodborne as well) is the fact that you cannot pause the game although you can pretty much save anywhere by just exiting the game. While many games have been compared to Souls/Bourne games this feature is pretty much unique.

Poopmist48d ago

This is the Dark Souls of opinion articles

FunAndGun47d ago

Woah, that was the Dark Souls of burns.

neutralgamer199248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I know not popular opinion but they need to add difficulty options on all games including dark souls type games

Not everyone is playing for combat some want to enjoy the game world and story. Every single game should launch with difficulty options to choose

Dragonscale48d ago

Nah the difficulty is the point of these games.

nitus1047d ago

You can get NPC help as well in certain areas of the Souls games as well as other player help if you are online which can make the game considerably easier, however, if you are online you could get invaded so "player beware".

Sometimes you have to defeat a particular NPC or talk to them to get help at a later stage. I won't deny a purist or skilled player may not seek help but when you are facing a mob or very tough boss one or two NPC help at certain times can make the game easier but you do have to keep in mind that not all boss fights allow you to summon an NPC or online player.

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