Facebook reportedly cancels its "next generation" Oculus Rift 2 headset for PC

Facebook has reportedly cancelled its in-development "next generation" Oculus Rift 2 virtual reality headset for PC, despite the company's assurances that it's "planning for a future version of Rift".

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Spurg930d ago

VR has 0 killer apps and that's why I don't care about it.
Second, why did Facebook get involved

DarkVoyager930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a killer app.

Skull521930d ago

I saw, like many others, this death of VR coming a long time ago. This was a huge public beta across multiple devices, to discover once again that VR is not ready for prime time. Certainly a step closer then virtua-boy or whatever it was called, but we are still a good decade or more away from truly great VR. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their hard earned money to participate in this experiment, the data gathered will surely help out the future of VR.

fiveby9930d ago

I think this speaks more to Facebook's inability to sell their VR headset than that VR is dead across the board. Perhaps for the broader vision to which Facebook envisioned it being used for it is not something which they care to invest in right now. I don't think VR goes away at all. It's just a slow burn. Now if Sony and Valve also announced dropping development of their VR headsets then perhaps it would go dormant for a while.

PlayableGamez-930d ago

Thats kind of a reach dude.
Nobody is going to invest into VR for Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.

Eonjay930d ago (Edited 930d ago )


Facebook's efforts are a drop in the bucket as is their marketshare when compared to the solution that is no only already in Prime time but is leading the way for better and better experiences that are score better some flat games. However, if you are waiting for Microsoft to tell you its ready, you are just going to get left behind as they have. Furthermore, lets just ignore the fact that this was never seen as the next step for Occulus which of course has ALREADY been announced and is coming. At this point you are forcing yourself to be pessimistic for he glory of a plastic box that has contributed nothing for it and therefor needs to stay back on the sidelines where it belongs. Only Microsoft and its minions want it to die because they can't pretend to have invented it.

TekoIie930d ago

"Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a killer app."

No it's not. N4G's community is primarily Sony fans and you're barely hearing anything about Astro Bot from them. That's all you need to see to prove you're making that up. Also how have sales increased since Astro Bot released? Show the numbers please to backup your claim.

scofios930d ago

Dont forget resident evil 7

rainslacker930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Funny. People go on and on about how Sony isn't supporting VR very well. basically forgetting about it. That VR will be dead because they don't really care. Then they release what is now considered one of the better VR games out there through their 1st party, and it's still VR is dead.

Personally, I wouldn't really look to facebook as being the arbiters of where the future is headed in the least. For any market they're in except maybe social media buzz feeds which they've remained stagnant on for years now.

Their reasons for buying Occulus were stupid to begin with, and I was always dubious on their actual ambition to make something new out of VR. But even with that, just because FB cancels Occulus 2 doesn't mean they're just abandoning the market. It could mean they decided to go a different route with it, or just cut losses on what they felt wouldn't be profitable. If they sell off Occulus, or do nothing with it in the future, then sure, they've dropped out, and other companies can fill the void. There is enough of a market for VR now that its not going to go ignored.

So, until that market goes away, the death of VR is just postulation based on the hope of raining on other people's parade.

RacerX930d ago

I saw this coming too.... Except because the Oculus Go and Quest are the future.

Oculus Rift 2 is being canceled because the future of VR is NOT strapped to a PC. They don't need all those wires and sensors anymore.

I have a Rift, but I'd take a small graphics downgrade to the Quest just to be able to put it on anywhere and play. So much better than my basement strapped to my PC.

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Neonridr930d ago

plenty of great games for VR, both on PC and PSVR. VR is hugely social. Facebook is a company that specializes in being social. It shouldn't be hard to see the connection.

Also, the headset was not cancelled, just the version that Iribe might have been directly connected to. Oculus will still continue to make headsets.

Marcello930d ago

You dont even own one cos if you did you wouldnt ask the dumb question of the day as to why Facebook is involved.

You know nothing, no killer apps pppffff. Ever play Fallout 4 in VR or Dirt Rally in VR ?? I suppose you expect GTA6 in roomscale or something ??

Silly gameAr930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

You don't care aboutbit because xbox doesnt have a VR solution. Let's be honest here.

MoonConquistador930d ago

There are many many killer apps for VR now, don't feed the machine. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't actually tried it.

rainslacker930d ago


the media does a horrible job of covering VR games. I know it's not as popular as the daily SJW hit piece, or click bait battle to the death that is pitting one systems pros against anothers cons, but there are good games in there that deserve more attention. This is even true of the many non-AAA games that seem to go neglected on a daily basis.

That being said, i think a lot of people that criticize around here really don't bother to take the time to learn what is actually out there, because they're more than happy to just accept the age old adage, "SONY HAS NO GAMES!!!!". it's worked so well for them in the past.

Shikoku930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Resident evil 7 is a killer game. Facebook bought oculus shortly after its kick starter ended years ago.

Sevir930d ago

That's a pretty big claim... The reality is VR is hard to communicate because it requires a headset. PC VR experiences were always going g to hit a wall due to their cost and the fact that it's tethered to a PC, which are often in spaces like bedrooms and small offices... Console VR is a bit more approachable for one, it's cheaper, and two it's tethered to a TV which is stationed in Living rooms, Dens, game rooms, and yes the bedroom. But TVs gather more people around a single device, so the opportunity to share a VR experience in front of a TV in your living room or game room with a group of friends or family is greater. So it's no wonder Sony's approach while being a slow burn was always projected to be the one with the longest legs. HTC's Vive and FB's Oculus had the power advantage but that only catered to the PC centric base.

And now that the PS4 and PSVR is approachable, there's an argument for Sony to really take hold of Devs to pour there resources into the PSVR and really put out quality Software. Modern VR is just getting started, but This going to be Console led experience if it's going to be successful, thankfully Killer apps for PSVR have started to materialize beyond the small fun demo experiences

specialagent4532930d ago

For Iribe sold the Oculus Rift to Facebook to make a quick buck

roadkillers930d ago

Disagree, they have some amazing games. My problem is that the best are rhythm games imo. Astro Bot seems to be a good first step. The big incentive is games like GTA5 where people can mod FPS to play in VR.

Honestly, all I am waiting for now is a VR treadmill that works.

ApocalypseShadow930d ago

Come on. Do you even play in VR? Where did you get that from? The only big rhythm game out there is Beat Saber. The rest are just there. If you only like that type of game, then fine.

But, how do you ignore all the big VR games like Skyrim,Super Hot, RE7, Arizona Sunshine, Firewall ZH, Moss,Astrobot, Robo Recall, Wipeout, Dirt Rally, Raw Data, Lone Echo, Farpoint, etc, etc, etc?

Rhythm games were on Kinect. That had no real games. VR has games other than rhythm. Lol. To say VR only has good rhythm games but nothing else is ridiculous.

roadkillers930d ago

^ I didn't say that at all, I said the best games have been rhythm games.

IcedOmega13930d ago

Onward is pretty awesome. Also if you play Elite that alone to me made it worth it.

lelo2play930d ago

Like I predicted, VR is simply another fade...

warriorcase930d ago

*He never played Lone echo

warriorcase930d ago

Already reported same day as not accurate.

Probably holding off for further development with the new Samsung amd Pimax VR headsets releasing soon and seeing what competitors are bringing.

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Jinger930d ago

Huh I wonder if this is a sign of them scaling back support on VR... I was going to pick up the Oculus Quest when it releases, but this kinda has me worried.

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jonivtec930d ago

Vr will probably follow the same path the 3d did....that's why i didnt get in the hype and drop the money.I did invest in 3d and was really like it.

MatrixxGT930d ago

Yeah 3D comes and goes it never really stays mainstream. I felt same with VR, I’m sure some people like it and think it’s great but it’s not how I want to play games.

Jinger930d ago

VR is way better and much better for video games than 3D. VR changes experiences... 3D is just a cool affect.

Shikoku930d ago

Thats a silly statement VR needs 3D to make ot believable.

jonivtec930d ago

Yeah..but still a to much expensive and unconfortable gimmick...It wont last....cancelation of oculus 2 just capitalize on this.Even after 2 years on market and still very few aaa full game that dont feel like a demo.

ApocalypseShadow930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Jon, go back to the top of the page and look at what it says


You already took it as fact without any actual proof. Oculus is not being pulled from the shelves. They already added Oculus Go for casuals and are realising Oculus Quest next spring to be the in between of high end and casual. That's 3 headsets that they will have on the market.

And the company already said that Oculus Quest is the last first Gen HMD they are realising. Meaning, generation 2 is being worked on to replace it in the future.

Research. It's your friend.

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Dom_Estos930d ago

Roughly translated

"Hi, I'm jonivtec. When it comes to VR, I really don't have a clue what the f*ck I'm talking about, because I haven't tried it yet, so I'll talk bollocks about it by making laughable comparisons to 3d TV."

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FinalFantasyFanatic930d ago

Vr tech just isn't quite there and yet and we still need developers to make great games, as far as I can see, there are so few games worth buying for it. I don't feel that VR will go the way of 3D, but I think it'll be like 4K, very slow uptake as the technology matures.

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DiRtY930d ago

Just like motion controls and 3D Gaming.

Get over it.

Marcello930d ago

If its dead, why am i having so much fun with it ?? just sounds like another person who doesnt own a VR headset so it must be no good.

Dom_Estos930d ago

You can tell instantly the people who haven't put a headset on before.

No one (and I mean no one) that I've come across, or known, or shown, has not been blown away once they try out a proper HMD like a Vive or PSVR. Idiots like above will talk balls about it because they think it's Kinect with a 3d TV strapped to your face. The reality is, you put that headset on, and the real world vanishes and you're inside the game as if you're environment around you turned into graphics. It literally tricks your brain into thinking objects are tangible, real, and actually in front of you. Actual scale overwhelms. These people think it's like 3d TV where objects just pop out slightly in front of a phone screen.

carcarias930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Yeah, it's such a shame some people are so cynical and yes, they do sound like people who have never played.

I enjoy playing my brothers so much I'm going to be getting a Vive soon. I'm in my mid 40's, been playing games since I was 7, and new gaming experiences that really blow me away are hard to find. VR is one such experience and nothing else has impressed me like that for soooo long.

Kinect, WiiMotes etc, they were mild diversions but VR is the real deal. As @Dom_Estos says, I've never met anyone who wasn't deeply impressed if not completely blown away. Even my mum and dad, who aren't gamers, were shocked at how engrossing it was. Funny thing is, it's more accessible too. Both of them find a controller hard work and they give up but you give them the VR with handsets and they take to it like a duck to water. It's gonna have such widespread appeal once the headsets are cheaper and smaller, which is only a matter of time.

No matter what happens with Oculus, VR in general is only going one place, UP. All the people here calling it a gimmick? Well, they'll be playing too ;)

NeoGamer232930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

I have a really nice and at the time expensive 3D TV. 3D is dead but I still have fun playing 3D games on my PS3. I also have Oculus Rift for my PC.

Just because I enjoy them, doesn't mean they are not dead. Same with VR. YOY sales are dropping and there is no sign of recovery.


FinalFantasyFanatic930d ago


You clearly have not come across people like me, I've tried Samsung and Sony's VR, I've tried dozen or so games and have just walked away unimpressed with current solutions. Then again, my "brain" may not be that easily tricked, I think the technology and software has tremendous amounts of room to improve.

930d ago
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Segata930d ago

Motion controls are not dead. They are built into DualShock 4 and Switch controllers from Joycons to the Pro controller. The 2 best selling systems right now. They have become just another input device rather than the focus of the whole machine.

Marcello930d ago

And 3D movies can be watched in VR without needing the dark glasses.

JackBNimble930d ago

VR is in the pioneering stage right now. Have you ever seen the movie "Player One"? Well I can see VR as that in the future, maybe not quite to that extent but mainstream non the less.

The point is that companies involved in the pioneering of VR, will be the ones involved in the online infrastructure and reap the rewards of VR.

It's probably going to take 10 or 20 years before VR is mainstream, but it will happen, it's inevitable.

mkis007930d ago

This perfectly encapsulates the reality of it. Thank you.

Black and white tvs people...silent all started somewhere.

rainslacker930d ago

Yep. VR is a long burn. Same as the game streaming services which we see now, or are coming. Neither will probably be the only option, but both will certainly have a place in the future of gaming.

Beyond just building the infrastructure, the companies in it now, are going to be in a much stronger position as time goes on, because their products will become synonymous with the technology.

andibandit930d ago

I remember seeing VR in the mid 90ties, and back then people said it was in the pioneering stage.

FinalFantasyFanatic930d ago

This is how I see VR, once the hardware and software get close to the quality of Ready Player One, it'll be hard for anyone to pass up, it's just going to take a long time to get to that point.

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Lionalliance930d ago

Actually, PS VR is selling like a lot and there's a lot of good VR exclusive games for it. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Vetgamer930d ago

Not sure about pc, but it's still got a pulse on ps4.

Goldby930d ago

there is more interest in VR across the board than Xbox one

rainslacker930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Man, all these things which are dead, yet still around. Consoles in the face of mobile. Portable, in the face of mobile. PC in the face of mobile. Physical in the face of digital. CD's in the face of digital. Wifi in the face of Bluetooth. Coffee shops in the face of Starbucks. Philosophy in the face of science. Religion in the face of science. Buying movies in the face of streaming. Windows in the face of mobile OS. Single player in the face of GaaS. Gamers in the face of more modern progressive sensibilities.

Quite honestly, the only thing that has ever been actually claimed to be dead and been right, is game journalism....which doesn't even exist anymore as it was wiped out in an extinction level event of their own design.

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Segata930d ago

VR is niche and VR was going to die anyway then years later come back again as the pattern repeats.

UCForce930d ago

What about PSVR ? It did pretty well actually.

Segata930d ago

Well for VR. 3 million in 2 years. Still highly niche.

UnholyLight930d ago

Holy doom and gloom batman. Take your blinders off Sony is gonna chase VR even harder next gen, and you've still got HTC Vive on the higher end which isn't going anywhere. This is more of a FB restructuring VR towards the cheaper end of the spectrum like the guy hinted at as to why he was leaving because he didn't want a "race to the bottom"

Dom_Estos930d ago

Right and wrong. Mostly wrong.

VR is niche, yes, but temporarily so. VR has already reached the tipping point in terms of investment and R&D, and also in certain circles and markets. Its roughly where gaming was almost 40 years ago with the likes of intellivision and Atari. It is not going anywhere.

carcarias930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

I disagree. First people talked in person and they watched others do things IRL. Then they listened to the radio. Then they listened and watched at the same time on TV in black and white, then in colour.

Gaming came along and then they actively started participating in what was happening on the TV. Now, with VR, they are IN the world that was previously only presented on a flat screen. It's progress and once the tech is further improved and more affordable everyone will be using it.

My grandparents told me that their parents thought TV was a fad; radio was so much classier and refined. Then they themselves thought, 'Bah, who needs colour?'. My parents thought gaming itself was a fad or at least something that would never be mainstream or ever aimed at adults, that it would always be niche. How did that opinion pan out?

There's no need for VR to 'go away' and come back again. It's just gonna be a slow, gradual rise in popularity and usage. Is it niche now? Yeah, and at that price it's not a surprise. The price won't be a barrier forever though and really speaking, there's simply no rush anyway.

I'm not sure why people think you have to have tens of millions in sales in two years or else 'it's just a fad'. IF the price was far less (£100-150 say) and it still had only sold 3 million or so units, across all platforms, then I'd say people had a point, that it obviously wasn't catching on or impressing people.

Put simply, I've never met anyone who wasn't impressed with the tech. The price? Sure. The range of games?
Sure. But the tech? Never. It's a new level of gaming.

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