Dear Nintendo, Can We Please Get a Decent Star Fox Game on Switch?

Starlink: Battle for Atlas has proven that the market is still there for Fox McCloud and his band of mercenaries - all it takes now is for Nintendo to pull the trigger, and this time, make sure they don't overcomplicate the fundamentals.

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Neonridr88d ago

At this point just give us a remaster of the original Star Fox or Star Fox 64 while we wait for a new title.

Cole-Cocking88d ago

Jeez, I had never even considered a SNES remaster. I think with updated graphics and mechanics, it would work really well on the 3DS!

septemberindecember88d ago

Wasn’t Star Fox 64 a remaster of the original Star Fox?

Concertoine88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

God no. Theyve made that game so many damn times.

Star Fox
Star Fox 64
Star Fox 64 3D
Star Fix Zero

these are the same game.

When people said they wanted Star Fox 64, they didnt mean literally. Just take the 64 gameplay, make it a little more hardcore, give the series a new breath of air and you’ll have a great bestselling IP. People were excited about a Platinum Games Star Fox game because they make hardcore games with a lot of personality, which Star Fox largely lacks.

That fan show on YT, A Fox in Space, thats probably the only worthwhile contribution to this IP since 64.

Lionalliance88d ago

We already got remasters and reboots of those two already, we need something new or a proper sequel!

FallenAngel198488d ago

No not again

No more Star Fox 64. Just give us something new

Neonridr87d ago

I never said not to give us something new, I said to tide us over.

FallenAngel198487d ago

We’ve been given Star Fox 64 so many times already though

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Elda88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

They should do the original Star Fox over with much added levels & updated graphics/visuals but play like the original,the original is awesome.

chris23588d ago

omg. there are still people out there who in 2018 still haven‘t realized that nintendo is way too hostile and arrogant to even slightly care what their customers are thinking. this is what you get when you developped blind brand loyalty.

King_Noctis87d ago

“this is what you get when you developped blind brand loyalty.”

Isn’t it ironic coming from you?

Zeref87d ago

I think you misread my comment below buddy.

Im saying it's not guaranteed we'll get pokemon following in the core games next year.

Neonridr87d ago

dude, please don't talk about blind brand loyalty in these waters...

Zeref87d ago

I like Nintendo games, but even I know they don't give a shit about what we think. I realized this when we begged for pokemon following us for years after HeartGold/SoulSilver. And we're only getting it now in a childish spin-off title. 9 years later, it's still not even guaranteed we'll get it in the mainstream games.

King_Noctis87d ago

What are you talking about? They clearly stated that a mainline Pokemon game is coming next year.

Hitman076987d ago

U got it. It's kalled Starlink ;)

King_Noctis87d ago

That I can’t deny. Starlink is a great Star Fox game.