Is Battlefield V Doomed?

Jon of RGN writes, "At the hands of EA, many great game studios and franchises have been strangled to death. More than ever, the future of Battlefield is in serious jeopardy."

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Srhalo90d ago

What crazy times we live in where simply giving people the option to play as a female character would destroy a whole franchise.

Hitman076990d ago

There's a lot more going on than just that situation. EA has numerous failures with consumer relations in the past few years alone. Battlefield 4 didn't run properly for over a year. The original DICE team no longer works there since BF3, and even execs and creative leads are leaving EA's various studios in droves.

UltraNova88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Those who claim that the game is floundering just because of some insignificant SJW bullshit are so ignorant its not even funny.
1) everything Hitman said above
2) Battlefront 1 SP fiasco and lack of MP content
3) Battlefront 2 loot crate/ unfair MP progression fiasco
4) BFV effectively being a re-skin of BF1 in a day and age where every shooter is set in modern times and it feels WWs are a chore now.
5) BFV fiasco over customization and female leads in a WW BF game while BF games are known for their close approximation of historic accuracy. Then the cherry on top when Dice told their long time fans to effectively f*** off if they dont like their choices.
6) Delaying the game and allowing COD's Blackout to absorb gamers and big name streamers attention for the long haul.
7) They have failed to secure our attention on their BR efforts by giving us absolutely nothing about it when a) BR is all the rage now and b) they clearly knew how extremely popular Blackout was.
8) Gamers general disdain/mistrust towards EA

If you add up everything its not that difficult to see why people and especially long time fans have lost faith in Dice. Dice and EA shot their own foot and yes BFV will be one of the worst performing BF games if not the worse ever. I'm really dissapointed by Dice and so are most of their fans. I hope this message gets to them in time to save the franchise with the next BF game.

bouzebbal88d ago

This time i hope EA bites the dust for good with this release.
EA from last gen was almost better... now they killed SP games.. Dante Inferno, Dead Space... so much wasted potential...

Omnisonne88d ago


Whats Trump got to with it? You do realize that the world is bigger than just the US.
UltraNova was on point, the result of BFV's backlash is not a single issue but a culmination of many problems over the past years with both DICE and EA.

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Kyizen88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Also the BattleRoyle mode Firestorm isnt coming till March 2019. So you will buy the game and not even get that at launch...yeah it is DOA.

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AspiringProGenji90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

How ignorant...! This is not about just choosing to play a female character.

Do some research

KyRo88d ago

You can spin it all you like. Go back and look at the comment sections on here. A vast majority are boycotting it because there's women in the game. It's absurd.

ChrisW88d ago

KyRo, Like people are boycotting Tomb Raider because there's a female in the game?

It doesn't make sense... Just like my comment doesn't make sense!

sampsonon88d ago

no, we've been reading the comment sections and understand exactly why this bull is happening. doesn't matter what people try to say now. the shiit was said in plain sight since the reveal of the game, so trying to take it back like it never happened may fool the idiot trump supporters, but not the rest of us.

own that Shitt.

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nyu188d ago (Edited 88d ago )


And you can misrepresent it all you like.

There's women in a WW2 game, in a way that doesn't make sense, in a way that ruins the theme, and for what ? to be more progressive or something ? No one is pissed that Horizon Zero Dawn has a female protagonist, or that Ellie is the main protagonist in The Last Of Us 2. Why ? If it really was misogyny, why aren't the same people whining about every female character. Don't be intellectually dishonest. It's very clear when people are upset in cases like these. It's when they feel that it's being done for the sake of it, and at the cost of something else. (Not saying they're always right, in many cases people are ignorant of the details).

What doesn't make any sense is having a WW2 game, and that too in a series that takes itself quite seriously in terms of 'immersion' and 'feel' and 'realism'. And then having women Nazis and Asian women running around as the default snipers. Was this WW2 again ?

Ofcourse people are upset - it doesn't make any sense. Don't do diversity for the sake of diversity in a game where diversity doesn't make any fucking sense lmao. What did DICE and EA expect ? Immersion is a huge factor in their games, and people wanted them to do WW2 right.

I don't even care that much about the WW2 theme. I can get used to it, but it really puts a bad taste in my mouth when I think about it, and makes me feel sad about DICE and EA in general. I want devs to be free to put their creative vision forward. I don't want that hampered by external shit that doesn't make sense. I don't want a WW2 game to be hindered so much because they want the franchise to be more 'diverse' or whatever, despite the fact that it doesn't make sense. It is what it is. They compromised on the theme, and they'll pay for that, because a LOT of people value things like this. Whether it is historical accuracy, or world-building and lore in fictional games, people care about this stuff. So if you compromise on it, you need have a good reason. There has to be a good trade-off. Eg: "Why are medics raising people from the dead?" - because that's necessary as a core gameplay loop. (for all those who keep throwing that bullshit argument around).

You know what no one gives a damn about ? Diversity for the sake of diversity, or being able to play as a female character in a game where it makes literally no difference to the gameplay (but kind of fucks the theme over). Or choosing a woman soldier to be the cover picture for a World War 2 game (lol). Just... why ? I don't care about a game cover, but it doesn't tell me something about EA and DICE. It has to be pandering and politics right ? I don't get why else they'd do that.

Christopher88d ago

***No one is pissed that Horizon Zero Dawn has a female protagonist, or that Ellie is the main protagonist in The Last Of Us 2. Why ?***

The problem is, people are upset. People specifically said they wouldn't play HZD because it was a female protagonist. And, people have also said that if they can't play as Joel they won't touch 2. Just not "that many" people. But, they do absolutely exist. Probably at a higher rate on N4G since it's less of an echo chamber than other places (but, Twitter is the highest occurrence of such mindsets).

I think the issue is that people with legit issues get lost in those with an actual issue with women in games. The issue does exist, but it looks bigger than it is because others get lumped in with them to support an argument.

Same thing happens with GamerGate/SJW issues all the time. Same with politics. It's the idea of simplifying people down to the most basic of items to support an idea of whether you are for or against them. It's what ruins modern debate as people are placed into groups almost immediately rather than actually listened to and understood for their specific thoughts.

subtenko88d ago

They DONT wanna do research, thats part of the problem

cartoonx188d ago

@KyRo, you do realize those comments on n4g arent the whole world? infact they are minority and most ppl dont even care.

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2pacalypsenow89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It’s not that, it’s the fact that EA panders to the lowest comon denominator, insults the intelligence of people who disagree and expect to still be the good guy.

EricLane89d ago

Agreed. But On top of that, I played the beta and I wasn't impressed.

fiveby988d ago

It often appears that EA and DICE, in this case, showed contempt for much of their devoted player base. Saying essentially, don't like it then don't buy it was the worst thing to say. They should have just said, I'm sorry you disagree with our artistic choices for BFV but I hope you will still considering playing the game for other reasons. I think DICE's hubris more than women characters in the game did more harm to the sales outlook.

2pacalypsenow88d ago

Dont want to get political so I wont name parties, but this is normal for a certain group of people.

If you don't agree with what we think, then you're a bigot a racist and 100 other things.

And @fiveby9 I agree completely with what you said, that's what EA should have said, and what someone who doesn't let his emotions and feeling rule over him.

"I'm sorry you disagree with our artistic choices for BFV but I hope you will still considering playing the game for other reasons."

Inzo89d ago

How about writing the word white-man?
Is that an option?

parris89d ago

Your the only one who brought up race... but certainly don't let me stop you from feeling oppressed by adding the the option to play as a woman in a video game... I mean that's not petty at all, right?

Jinger89d ago

Pretty sure they fixed that and said it was an error.

Inzo88d ago

Not petty at all, right? Dice can just claim historical accuracy even though there werent any British women allowed on the front line let alone amputees but hey lets rewrite history for the sake of diversity. Thats not petty at all. And I suppose that Kingdom Comes NPC backlash wasnt petty either right?

yeahokwhatever89d ago

There it is. The most ignorant thing typed on the internet in 2018. Congrats.

EazyC89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Whilst there may be some negative correlation there, I (and I really think I would be the "target demographic") personally won't be buying this because it looks stale, derivative and uninspired -- and the beta confirmed my suspicions of this. My decision has nothing got to do with the female thing, but the robo arms and steampunk outfits were a bit silly. DICE's contemptuous response to all arguments (some of which were quite valid) was self-righteous and arrogant.... and that's coming from someone who was largely indifferent!

D3athc3ll89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Ah cute, a casual gamer. I have nothing against woman in games. For FUCK sake one of my fav games has a lead female role = Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm not against woman, but I will stand up and say I am against woman characters being a major part in this game. It is Fucking World War 2. Mostly white men fought!! This game always had some sense of historical accuracy or current world (whatever) accuracy, so yes I would of been happier playing the game with mostly the type of people who fought during the war. Fucking DUH isn't that obvious? Oh and I'm sorry you are not getting lucky standing up for woman here lol.

Now apart from that, which ain't even that big of a deal, they had to go with robotic arms and future sights on the guns.... Just wow. Oh and it is like a Battlefield 1 skin in WW2 lol..

Oh and they said don't like it don't buy it... Which is so stupid towards your customers.

The setting ain't bad. EA is bad! Just make Bad Company 3 already. Put a female lead in there it'll be awesome I don't care. I am not supporting this game, due to the attitude EA has towards it's fanbase. Thank God Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost here!!

Aither89d ago

Completely miss the fact how the developer insulted an entire fan-base and literally told them not to buy the game. It is crazy times when people make such absurd comments without doing a little research.

lipton10189d ago

So they insulted the fan base when they issued a firm rebuke against alt right trolls upset about the option to play as a female or minority in the game?

That’s right, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The entire debate is ridiculous and your attempts at gaslighting are shallow and transparent.

Aither89d ago


Everyone who disagrees with changing history (game or not) is not alt right. What you said doesn't defend the comments of the EA developer in anyway, it's just another strawman argument.

Cussing89d ago

Uh, how about the fact that since Battlefront they have basically all been the same game with a different skin?

SierraGuy89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

My thoughts exactly and I feel the same way about COD.

I've purchased the last 6 COD games and now they fk with the network update or tick.... For what? Because of a stupid BR mode that no one will play in 6 months? Who the fu#k wants to play a 25 min round of COD? Should have been better prepared with more robust servers you cheapskate non gamers.

You'd think these companies were poor. None of us gamers give a fuck about your targeted projections for profits or mt's with regards to your stock or investors.

That's your problem EA / Activision.

Just pack it in or well do it for you.

jukins89d ago

It's much more than female character. In fact I bet the fem character is a non issue. From everything I've read and played it's just lacking in excitement and freshness it really does just feel like an expansion to b 1

T2X89d ago

Because people are whiny bitches with warped sense of entitlement regarding a game or toy. People can cry about corporate greed and whatnot, but you do get your 60$ worth with these games imo. Oh well.

TheOtherMoon89d ago

As someone who is in huge support of the inclusion of female characters (mostly because it should not be that big of a deal to gamers), I have to say that their inclusion is the tip of the tip of the iceberg -- probably even smaller than that. EA simply is not trusted by the consumer, and its a valid feeling when you look at the past decade (probably last 2 decades) -- going back to online passes, them destroying Mass Effect, BF4 not working and really even BF3 trying to cater to the COD fan because BFBCII was a second place player (even though it was an excellent game). Look at the number of developers EA has closed down after they acquired them. My own post is turning into a rant, because its difficult to lay-out just how bad EA has done for the development of games and the communities that play them.

ConsoleGamer89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

"What crazy times we live in where simply giving people the option to play as a female character would destroy a whole franchise."
No it is a great where corporations (and politicians ofcourse) have to (re)learn that they can't just put idiotic labels on people who don't agree with how these companies(and politicians) try to force their view on the world on regular people instead of having a real conversation.

These multi billion dollar company have adopted the strategy of a specific kind ever demonstrating social rejects by labeling everyone who disagrees with them. I'm glad this comes back at them to bite them in the a$$

BigTrain88d ago

Totally agree. No one with half a brain would insult their potential customer base or challenge them by inviting them to not buy the game if they don't like it. Stupid move.

KyRo88d ago

I'll be buying it regardless of the SJW public upset. I enjoyed the beta alot. It had its problems but the way some people are saying they are not getting it because of the SJW stuff is downright embarrassing. Battlefield is still levels better than a lot of other FPS games out there.

AnubisG88d ago

Actually, it's the anti-SJW or plain normal people who are upset with this game. SJW's are happy with this game how inclusive it is and how it just changes historical facts for inclusion sake. But that is just one part of the problem. The other is how DICE insulted it's fans and it is published by the cancer of the gaming industry: EA.

Yes, SJW stuff is embarrassing always. It is embarrassing how they celebrate the bastardazation of WWII and the memories of those who fought in it because of "adrisric freedom" and "inclusion" and "PC culture".

Realms88d ago

Probably not a good idea to be condescending to your core audience but hey there is a women on the cover art very authentic and progressive. I'm pretty sure that isn't the reason most of the community turn their backs on the series I'm guessing the beta had a lot to do with it.

memots88d ago

sorry to say but you are very ignorant. Not a single person ever said they wouldn't buy the game because of Whaman ... How about, its being shoved in everyone's face, its unrealistic, then we get told to not buy it if we don't like it. Also telling your customer that they are uneducated isn't going to help.

aaronaton88d ago

'option'? Behave! There is no option and that is the point.

bellome88d ago

You clearly miss the whole picture here...

Opinionatedlovesme88d ago

Cuz the last of us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nier automata, Bayonetta, Overwatch, Street Fighter, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor tanked cus they have playable female characters right? A game like For Honor is a huge success even though it is historical inaccurate with female samurais and so on. So this notion that gamers are woman hating losers is a load of crap.

shaggy230388d ago

The problem with the BF series in general has been that with every iteration, it's been dumbed down.

If someone plays Battlefield 2 and compares it to BF1 they are night and day different.

BFV is just more of the same, dumbed down so that more people can play it. The problem is that the fans that actually made the franchise successful hate all the dumbing down.

It's easy, give us a full-on Battlefield game and it will sell, give us a mashup of CoD and BF and people will boycott it.

sampsonon88d ago

we live in the age of Trump. racist women hating americans control the dumbest most ignorant country in the world. i feel sorry for the sane people of that country. what an embarrassment.

unless you live in a basement or you're an inbreed that never been on a date wit..... oh!? right, that's it. sorry

Highlife88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

What a terrible country that's why everyone wants in. Your trump derangement syndrome is showing.


AnubisG88d ago

If that is your takeaway than you don't know what is going on. It's NOT about playing as a female character. But than again, if you are an SJW than that is all you are able to see....

harbie88d ago

What crazy times people that people have lost touch with reality- that women want to be men. WTF!

subtenko88d ago

this is going over your head.

SixFragz88d ago

Here we go, yet another ignoramus who only sees the surface of a very layered situation.

I'm a huge Battlefield fan, but even I can admit that the problem with this game is more than just playing as a female. You either haven't been following the reveal of this game, or are just a fanboy who won't see the truth.

I'm a Battlefield fanboy myself, but this game has turned into a disaster. I'm going to buy it, but when it's $20 or so. Unfortunately, the gamers who speak with their wallets seems to be a minority. If only you and a lot of others did the same, we could really see some positive change in this industry.

InputTranslation88d ago

Lots of lengthy answers here. In short, they fucked it.

Soc588d ago

It's a little more complicated than that... what is crazy is your oversimplification of a broad issue

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paintedgamer198489d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Pretty much... it had to be a P.R. disaster when that guy spoke about "dont like our game dont buy it"... i could see the franchise going up in flames after that.

xRacer74x89d ago

Why, its true dont like the game dont buy it. Sounds like truth fort every game out there.

Sgt_Slaughter89d ago

Saying that to the fanbase that buys your games as a response to legitimate criticisms is a sure fire way to tank your game/franchise. Not to mention the person who said that immediately left the company afterwards. He jumped ship once he knew BFV would be a dumpster fire (just look at the preorder numbers)

paintedgamer198489d ago

Sgt Slaughter said it better than i ever could have. You dont tell your fanbase that. Even if thats what youre thinking lol. Come onnn mannn. Your job is to sell your game and you dont do that by pissing your fanbase off. I can gurantee this game doesnt perform nearly as much as it might have before his statement.

KyRo88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@Slaughter it's 2018. Imagine pre-order a game from stores with Infinite copies of a game? This isn't the 90's or early 00's anymore when stock was limited. You can't judge a games success off pre-order figures.

UCForce89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

They insulted BF community and called them “uneducated” gamer which was embarrassing from them. I’m done with their BS.

lipton10189d ago

Actually maybe you could educate yourself and actually look up the quote in the context of which it was said. It was in response to alt-right trolls whining about inclusion in video games.

blacktiger89d ago

You guys don't know shit about stock market. Stocks going down has nothing to do with company performance.

lipton10189d ago

Actually, troll, why don’t you zoom out a little and add some context? That quote was in regards to alt-right mysoginists and white nationalist fascists complaining about the inclusion of the CHOICE to play as a female or minority.

Your transparent attempt at a self serving misquote will not get past me. Take your one dimensional crusade elsewhere.

sampsonon88d ago

@nyu1: "There's women in a WW2 game, in a way that doesn't make sense, in a way that ruins the theme, and for what ? to be more progressive or something ?"

just because there were few, doesn't mean a basement dweller like you should be able to rewrite history.

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EpicFruityPie89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I would prefer to play as a female character would be a nice change
though I won't get this BF I'm just bored of the same games over and over BF COD there's too many now let's not mention all the remastered games I'm sick of them give me new and fresh
oh and lets not forget I'm getting sick of EA in general

yeahokwhatever89d ago

nothing in BF1 is as fun as lighting a woman on fire and listening to her scream as she dies in agony. ITS SO MUCH FUN!!! /s

TheOtherMoon89d ago

I am sorry everyone rejected you in high school.

SierraGuy89d ago

Yeah what's wrong with you?

yeahokwhatever88d ago

you see, the "/s" is to denote the ending of a sarcastic comment. I hate the fact that women are being added to these violent games. It's gross and why I stopped playing BF1. The sounds and animations are just distasteful. I want to have fun fighting a virtual war, not actually go through a virtual war. Babies died in WW2. I wonder when EA will add babies to the playable character roster.

jackdaddy89d ago

It is s doomed to mediocrity. EA have long lost any loyalty they once held with their base. Better games out there and the trends in game choice are too rapid for a game that takes a couple of years to build and tweak. It will do OK.. Just.

letsa_go89d ago

I'd love to see EA close up shop and all their talents devs go to companies that will actually let them make good games without trying to nickel and dime us to death!