World War 3’s developers have responded to its Early Access issues

The Farm 51 has revealed that they are working as hard as they can to fix the master server issues, but many remain unable to connect since the official Early Access launch.

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2pacalypsenow867d ago

That's why early access is good, fix the issue before the official release.

ThatDudeMunkee867d ago

They've definitely been hard at work on the game. There have been multiple updates to the net code already this past weekend and more today. Can't wait to see them get this completely up and running.

Majin-vegeta867d ago

Let's hope it come to consoles

ThatDudeMunkee866d ago

To be honest. I'd love to see it, but realistically, there's too much going on in it. This is truly a mouse and keyboard kind of game due to how it handles and plays.