Jade Raymond leaves EA

EA has announced that Jade Raymond, head of its Motive studio, is leaving the company.

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Automatic7985d ago

MS bring her on board and let her run her own team.

Eonjay85d ago

To add to context of her departure, wiki states:

Their first announced project is to work with Redwood Shores-based Visceral Games on an upcoming Star Wars video game.

Well we know what happened with that I wouldn't be surprised if we see more departures coming from that studio. She worked with Ubisoft in the past to on Assassin's Creed and her pedigree was action adventure. Focus seemed to be on single player experiences.

InTheZoneAC85d ago

from one pos company to the next, good one LOL

DarkVoyager85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

“MS bring her on board and let her run her own team.”

Yea let Microsoft a company with a bad history or running 1st party studios bring her on board.

85d ago
Srhalo85d ago


Phil closed nearly a dozen studios including Lionhead one of the most famous studios in the world.

No Way85d ago

She should give up the game industry, and join the porn industry.

I'd pay for that.

rainslacker85d ago

Within a year, EA has shut down, and had leave from their employ, two members of what amounts to a small group of the most well respected and accomplished game developers for the modern age.

MS itself doesn't have ANY history of having a long term success of keeping studios open, or having well respected members of the gaming industry stay in their employ.

Lionhead studios is probably the closest they've come, and they couldn't manage Molyneux well enough to keep the studio open. Sure, Phils in charge now....but who ran MS game studios back then? Oh's Phil. People keep talking up how much Phil's doing all these great things for MS, but he was in charge of those studios for a long time, and how many of those studios from before the OGXbox and 360 days still exist under MS? exactly is it a good move for her if she actually wants something to show for her work to choose MS? Maybe she can get something done, but it's a gamble....and MS current, "we're all awesome now" routine doesn't mean they will actually follow that mentality when it comes to their studios.

MS has the resources, and sure, I bet she could get a job there and make a game...probably a good one, but it doesn't mean that MS can guarantee her long term prospects.

Cobra95185d ago

To be fair, no one can, particularly in this industry. Volatility comes with the job.

bow2yoda85d ago

i think your going a little far calling them the most well respected and accomplished devs in modern age lmao... thats a bit too much for me to handle LMFAO

rainslacker84d ago (Edited 84d ago )


True enough.


If you think I'm exaggerating, then you may not actually be aware of their prowess in the industry. Henning is probably one of the most influential people in the gaming industry. She has worked for years, and been at the forefront of many movements in gaming that are consumer facing, and is quite literally the person who wrote the book on what is the proper way for the industry to conduct its business in a way that is both profitable, and good for those working in the industry. She has written numerous papers, and lectured many discussions on good ways to run studios efficiently. She may not be as well known as say someone like miyamoto, but her books are used as text books for game students around the world. Her lectures offer up insight and hard truths that I wonder if many people around here could even comprehend without assuming they know more than she does....and she has the influence to make publishers respond. We don't see a lot of this, because she doesn't do a lot of this publicly, but she works fervently to improve the industry, for the betterment of all.

Raymond is more of a newcomer, at least in relation to Henning, but with her success on Sims Online, followed by Assassins Creed, she has become one of the most respected and accomplished producers in the industry. You may not see it, because you may not know what a producer does, but she knows her job well, and has managed enough high profile projects to be well respected. Her work with STEM projects propelled her into even more notoriety within the industry, and she, along with Henning, are the two of the foremost experts and supporters of bringing more women into game development to help start filling the extreme shortage of skilled developers within the industry. That kind of thing doesn't go unnoticed, and she worked to get where she is. And they both manage to do this without the SJW slant that you see from the passive aggressive feminist that pollute our hobby in the media or forums.

I may not always respect some of her views on things, or even Hennings for that matter, but they works for positive change in the industry, and also seems to have a good sense of what is good for the consumer, even though they aren't always able to exercise that sense in the face of publisher demands.

So, whether you want to agree or not is inconsequential. Because within the industry itself, which does not include the consumers view of what is what, these two women are top of their fields, and among the most respected and accomplished devs in the modern age. Any publisher or dev house would be lucky to have them, even if they run into creative differences on the projects.

AK9185d ago

To make another GaaS bases $60 alpha product? No thank you.

UltraNova85d ago

I'd take it you did not approve of SoT then?


Poopmist85d ago

Why? Assassins Creed 2 is the only good game she's made.

SolidGamerX85d ago

EA to MS, that's a lateral movement at best and one with little to no job security..

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RuleNumber585d ago

She'll be running Obsidian. New RPG IP.

Eonjay85d ago

Doesn't Obsidian already have a lead? Why would they up and replace them? Even if they were to be purchased by Microsoft which is the rumor, Microsoft thing was never acquiring and replacing entire team leaderships. Rare is a separate case altogether.

Spurg85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Kl...all we need is Casey Hudson to leave EA.
Amy Henning, Casey Hudson and Jade Raymond should join Ms.

Silly gameAr85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Did I miss something? Why are there so many comments saying she should go to MS, like that would be any better?

Donnie8185d ago

Tell us why it wouldn't? Oh let me guess because you are one of the mindless sheep that likes the ps4 and nothing else because the media says so

Spurg85d ago

Ms is building and acquiring studios so the momentum is with them and getting her now is the best time.

DarkVoyager85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

“Did I miss something? Why are there so many comments saying she should go to MS, like that would be any better?“

Xbox fans think everyone should join Microsoft after Phil purchased a few studios. As if that’s the answer to all their problems. Xbox itself is the problem.

85d ago
Silly gameAr85d ago (Edited 85d ago )


I don't have to tell you anything. Just look at MS's track record this gen and it speaks for it'self. Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate MS. I buy the new xbox every gen, but this has been a crappy gen. Just hate their ways, and I don't see how they keep getting away with the stuff they get away with.


Why are they just now doing this? Something they should have done in the first freaking place? I guess they finally figured out their billions isn't going to buy them the love that they want, and they have to put some actual work into something and earn some people's respect.

Jade should go indy, if anything. It seems like she has some good ideas that she needs to get out, and even though it's risky, that would probably be a risk that pays off for her.

rainslacker85d ago (Edited 85d ago )


Because MS has a track record. Their current push to be better hasn't provided proven results, nor is there anything to say that they will support any of those studios for the long term. They may be around for a while, but MS is still working to prove themselves.

Phil was in charge of 1st party studios before he took over Mattrick's job, and during that time, those studios were unable to produce enough to warrant keeping open, and couldn't keep Molyneux in check.

So....despite all of the current PR bluster, what will he do better this time, when he couldn't manage them properly the first time?

Their biggest studios. Bungie...wanted to go back to indie to do what they wanted.

Gears of War success was with a 2nd party, where MS didn't really have any input on their direction. The Koalition had their new IP cancelled to work on the new Gears, which wasn't as good as the Epic games.

Playground was a 2nd party, and it was their work that put them on top, as MS wasn't in charge of their studio.

Lionhead was a clusterf*** because they let Molyneux do his own thing, and couldn't keep him in check. They managed to put out good Fable games, but they failed to live up to expectations, only to end up making a crappy Fable game after Molyneux left, to be shut down.

Turn 10 is their oldest and most consistent studio. They manage it alright, but they make the same game over and over again, usually just adding onto the last one, with the occasional full upgrade. They have been surpassed by Playground....a 2nd party indie studio, which is now owned by MS.

Double Helix was an indie studio, acquired later by Amazon, and don't even work on Killer Instinct anymore and that is done by Iron Galaxy, an indie company.

Remedy had success with MS, but MS didn't manage their studio. But with Quantum Break, they let the studio get way to ahead of what they were capable of, and they couldn't manage to keep the games scope in check. This led to a fairly lukewarm reception, and now the studio has gone full indie and won't get anywhere near the kind of support MS gave them...but MS never gave them the best support anyways.

Insomniac, kings of creativity, under MS, made a great game, but with generic focus tested concepts that seem more about what MS wanted, than something you'd see from an Insomniac game...the same problem they had with EA.

P*, with Scalebound, they couldn't manage the studio to get a job done. But like with Insomniac, you have this hugely creative talented director, who is notoriously a pain in the ass, not able to finish a game, and seems to have a lot of generic focus tested aspects to it which make people go WTF. my explanation as sheepish as the idea that going to MS will just suddenly be good because good guy Phil says they're doing better.

letsa_go85d ago

Because they need EXCLUSIVES!

No Way85d ago

How is xbox itself the problem? Such an ignorant statement, I'm not even gonna continue to address it, lol.

Silly gameAr85d ago

@No Way

"She should give up the game industry, and join the porn industry.

I'd pay for that."

Don't even act like someone else's comment is dumb when you're making comments like this.


DiRtY85d ago

Sony is not known for managing studios well either.

BigBig studios: Founded in 2001, acquired by Sony in 2007, closed by Sony just 5 years later in 2012.

Evolution Studios: Founded 1999, bought by Sony in 2007, closed by Sony in 2016.

Millenium Interactive, Founded in 1989, bought by Sony in 1997, renamed Guerrilla Cambridge, closed in 2017.

Incognito Entertainment, Founded in 1999, lost all their staff, closed in 2009.

Zipper Interactive, Founded in 1995, bought by Sony in 2006, closed just 6 years later in 2012.

Psygnosis, Founded in 1985, 2005 Psygnosis brand was dropped and renamed to SCE Studio Liverpool, closed just 4 1/2 years later in January 2010

rainslacker85d ago


yeah, but Sony has more instances of success with studios as well. They also have several studios they brought which have been raised up well beyond their more humble origins. MS, for the time being, has more instances of not managing well, and only one instance of managing to make a studio a prolonged success....which they eventually shut down because they couldn't manage the head of that studio's ambitions, so he eventually left leading to studio that had absolutely no direction.

In any case, why bring up Sony? I wasn't suggesting that she go to Sony. Just that saying people are sheep because they don't just think MS will be awesome for her is wrong, because its apparent that if you aren't a sheep, and look into it, MS still needs to prove itself.

Inzo85d ago

Because the madia says so??? That has to be one of the dumbest things I have seen posted in a long time. The way things stand now Sony doesnt need the corrupt media's help, their games do all the talking.

Cobra95185d ago (Edited 85d ago )

There is one comment above yours advocating joining Microsoft. One.

DragonbornZ84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"Why are they just now doing this?"

Literally because of the change in leadership. Like, literally. The newest head of Microsoft: Nadella, recognizes them as and fully supports them as a gaming division under Microsoft along with Microsoft's other devices (they were literally added to that list only a few years ago). This is why Spencer is now head of the Xbox division, why they're receiving funds like this to create and acquire studios, and there isn't anyone over him other than Nadella obviously. So, Spencer only has to report to Nadella himself rather than through the executives above him to even reach Ballmer years back and why Matt Booty was promoted to work along side him.

The Microsoft now Under Nadella is vastly different from the Microsoft that was under Balmer as their visions are surprisingly polar opposites. What you are seeing now is an unchained gaming division with a decent guy running it who doesn't have to compromise with, battle with/ answer to anyone other than a boss who is all about interconnectivity, branching hardware/services, etc., not to mention actually fully supporting the division.

That's not to sound dramatic, it's really just how it is.

A lot of people only talk about Spencer and Mattrick, but there's so much more to it along the lines of how the chain of command works.

DragonbornZ84d ago

Wanted to add that I can understand the concerns, but some of you are stuck way back in 2014 honestly.

I'd imagine most of you don't know much about the change in the division because you don't care for xbox and only really follow the controversial news about it and then proceed to paint that news in the already negative view you've had for them for years without knowing much more, but the constant framing of the division as the same as they were in 2014 is wild. Rainslacker seems like that type of person.

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UCForce85d ago

How about let her decide ? It’s like you want everyone to join MS. “Sigh” For me, I prefer she create her own studio to be more consistent and focus on her own.

Ceaser985736185d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Xbox fanboys wants everyone to join them only to criticise them later when the studio shuts down or a game get canceled.. Talents like these should be safe under Sony... And Sony PlayStation has always proven to be a better company then Xbox...

Or more better Creating your own studio where you are the boss and make your own decisions.

UCForce85d ago

@Ceaser9857361 It’s seem like these Xbox fanboys want to turn MS into Disney.

UCForce85d ago

@Dirty We know that, but they build their own studio more than MS who keep buying more studios. I know MS have their own studio but not a lot.

-Foxtrot85d ago

She got out...good for her.

I don't blame her or Amy Hennig for joining EA, I mean getting told you can lead a team on an all new single player, story driven Star Wars game was probably music to their ears. Not to mention, at least with Amy she was already out of a job so anything that came along was a good offer but you know.

RememberThe35785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Yeah but EA did what everyone thought EA would do. The fact that they were even thinking of making a single player Star Wars game was surprising because of who they are. Now years later the dream game is dead and all the sceptics were proven right; EA is a cesspool of mediocrity and empty promises.

85d ago
MWH85d ago

i don't know how impactful Jade was in the game making but Amy is something else, she has great marks for sure.

rainslacker85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

EA has a better track record of supporting studios that do well than MS does to be honest. MS has a higher percentage of quality vs crap games though. I give a more detailed analysis above in another comment to support this statement.

I don't blame anyone for going to any publisher really. These people are capable of doing what they feel is best for their career. Only they can decide that, and for the most part, we only postulate on whether they made a mistake or not.

If either Henning or Raymond went to MS, I wouldn't blame them. I think there is opportunity there. I just take issue with people acting like they'd see more success at MS because it's MS, despite the rather extensive track record of MS not supporting studios, closing studios, and putting too much effort into micromanaging, when they can't even get the macro-managing down first.

To me, MS has a lot to prove that they are worthy of that kind of respect based on their current track record, which is a culmination of years of neglect and false assumptions. During all this time, people seem to forget, or not realize, that Phil was in charge of these studios. not just 1st party studios, but the management of 2nd party projects. Him now being in a key position in MS itself doesn't remove his own past history, so he has to prove himself as well.

Cobra95185d ago

I don't blame them either. EA used to be a good company. Once upon a time (80s), they were a guiding light. They were awesome. Watching the progress of EA through the decades has been like watching cute little Anakin turn into Darth Vader.

Cobra95185d ago

There we go. Had to scroll down this far to get away from the fanboy nonsense. Finally, on topic.

Yes, I agree. Good for her. I couldn't stand working for EA as any kind of talented creator in gaming. That would be selling out in the worst possible interpretation of that term.

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SkippyPaccino85d ago

This woman has bounced around so much over the years that I'm starting to wonder if she has a serious case of ADHD...

She probably needs to go to a company like Sony who will let her work on her own time

CaitSith85d ago

At this point, I'd probably question her capabilities if I were any publisher. She keeps bouncing around.

SkippyPaccino85d ago

Great point... I think her next moves need to be a long one for the sake of her career.

RememberThe35785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

She just moved from Ubi to EA. That doesn't sound very bouncey to me. Maybe I missed something in between?

rainslacker85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Why? She had a rather normal start in the game industry, with her first credit being at SOE. Went on to produce the rather successful Sims Online at EA. Did an indie stint. then spent a good amount of time at Ubisoft....almost 10 years, producing four huge games, one of which became a Ubisoft staple. Then she went to EA, where she left, because her project was cancelled by the publisher.

That isn't bouncing around. I've bounced around more in the industry in less time, and I'd still be hired at any studio that produces their own engines or tools based on my skill set.