Introducing... LittleBigWorkshop

Imagine a place where all LBP players and creators can gather to share their experiences and ideas; a place where you can plan your creations with special tools and connect with other LBP fans to collaborate and share ideas; a place to show off and demonstrate your greatest achievements, with the ability to teach others in CREATE and SHARE; a location where you can access everything LBP, including tutorial videos, user-generated content, and etc…

The LittleBigWorkshop will be your own personal creative canvas, a place that can inspire ingenuity, emotion and synergy for players, creators and those that are just curious.

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Hershy9995446d ago

how do you get to it? Is it included in the game or is it a webpage?

she00win995446d ago

that is a great idea but they should have waited for home..

TheMART5446d ago

Back to school and learn to READ

"With the release of LittleBigPlanet right around the corner, we wanted to announce the next evolution of the LBP website... The LittleBigWorkshop. "

5446d ago
theEnemy5446d ago

He probably even don't have a PS3.

Don't waste your time on him,

(being sincere here from a gamer to a gamer)


TheMART5446d ago

To the guy above.

You're funny. And obviously don't know me. I've been a gamer longer probably then you're on planet earth. I've played all from the first pong and space invaders up to about all home computers and consoles that have been. Heck can anyone remember the handhelds that had only one game from Nintendo for example? Life Boat, Popeye? They are still here in my house and my collection. Everything even up to Playstation I've owned and played. Yes, including PS1 and PS2.

I bet you haven't seen the Sinclair, nor the MSX-1 or Commodore 64. I bet you missed out on the real Metal Gear series on the MSX. I bet you know sh!t from games compared to me.

No I haven't got a PS3 yet. Yes I dislike Sony because their choices with the PS3 haven't worked out for a gaming device. This gen I've given myself a rule before I buy a console. I need 4 games that I really, really want to play on that device to convince myself I have to buy the console.

For the PS3 so far I count only one, yes ONE game I would like to play. And that's Little Big Planet. Just because MGS isn't my kind of game all cutscene.

But you know what, just because LBP fits the PS3 so fine (open online system normally sucks but for LBP user created content its great) I'll buy the PS3 LitteBigPlanet pack. I'll proof it with pictures when its out.

Be sure: the 360 is still the best gaming system out there. The average gamer should prefer it far, far above the PS3. Only for hardcore gamers or should I say nerds that post messages here like us its ok to own more systems just for that few exclusives. I still dislike Sony for its choices and won't like the PS3 as a gaming device in general.

@ Ali

Well I've answered your question. I've heard the LBP PS3 pack will be out in the week 3 to 7 nov. and its pre ordered.

jerethdagryphon5446d ago

look forward to seeing oyu on lbp, and i hope you enjoy yourself

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felidae5446d ago

of course he has no ps3. he just wants to upset ps3 gamers with his avatar .. what a fool, lolololol.


5446d ago
felidae5446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

ok. my fault.

have fun with Little Big Planet, it's a great game!

oh, and btw i'm no Sonytard - i also grew up with MSX, C64, Amiga and Atari 2600 and i also played the very first Metal Gear and Penguin Adventure and stuff .. great times!

TheMART5446d ago

So did you own any of the original handhelds like Life Boat and Popeye from Nintendo (they're from the year 1983)? (my bubbles are gone for this topic so I can't reply but whatever, would be fun to read it)

felidae5446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

no i never had an old nintendo handheld but i think i know them. i had one of these green Donkey Kong handheld..game..things.

i also had a Neo Geo with Samurai Shodown, Robo Army and Magician Lord.

strange to hear that you are such a "hardcore gamer" because all i read from you is about sales, scores and triple A games.

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grayfox_2k5446d ago

now make it 100% compatible with the PS3's browser and give the option to open it in-game >_<

So Easy I Can Do It5446d ago

If I can make a level, anyone can.
It's so easy, even...wait a minute!


Top 20 Best PlayStation 3 Games (20-11)

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Is the PlayStation 3 retro? This is a surprisingly hard question to answer as the system definitely has the age to be considered retro, having launched in 2006, over 15 years ago now. But with it being home to so many massive games, many of which still hold up today and in fact were released for the PlayStation 4 when that console was released, make the PS3 a retro console that doesn’t feel retro."

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shinoff2183508d ago

No ps3 is not retro. I dont even consider ps2 era retro. All imo.

shinoff2183508d ago

Typically, the term retro is given to items which are at least 20 years old (but not yet 40 years old).

Quick google search

badz149508d ago

No the PS3 is not yet a retro console. But if you're gonna put 1 game from a series in this list, then LBP2 should be there instead of the original, Motorstorm PR is also an overall better game than the 1st game and to put Tools of Destruction over A Crack in Time is a blasphemy when ACiT is the best game in the series.


An update on the LittleBigPlanet server and online services

Classic LittleBigPlanet servers are to be shut down permanently following hacks.
Sony’s drastic move comes after months of downtime for the older games.

darthv72740d ago

It was fun while it lasted. And some of the user created stuff was a blast to play with.

Snookies12740d ago

Whaaa-? That's crazy. Didn't expect it to be permanently shut down...

Teflon02739d ago

It's still up on PS4, they just shut down the PS3 end because hackers on PS3 can't be stopped and go on the game making announcements that can't be avoided without having to go back to all the old game codes and updating to remove the feature etc. It's one of those sad and garbage things where hackers ruined a good thing. I'm mostly sad about the Vita, I'm not sure if I have my music stages saved to my Vita, meaning they're gone forever if I didn't save them back to it. They were good too :(

Profchaos739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Have to say I expected them to be permanently shut down problem would be in the underlying server architecture and possibly something like a depricated authentication protocol which has to be replaced that the PS3, PSP and vita can't support which is why they can't be securely restored on those consoles but the PS4 does support it.so lbp3 was restored on that.

Given the attackers were able to breach the server there was obviously a fear of lateral movement once inside their servers so I can't blame them for this and it makes sense despite the huge blow to the community millions of hours spent building that community.

Despite this blow I believe the millions of creations are going to be available via lbp3 and it's capability of backwards compatibility with user generated content so that's something to be thankful for still not a huge consolation to the many players who only own a older console but unfortunately that's the world we live in these games are old the older they get the more insecure the servers get which the company that make them.host them on and the more likely they need to be shut down.

MadLad739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Feel bad for the people who dedicated so much time into this game.

Battlestar23739d ago

Nice edit to your troll comment.

MadLad739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

I reread the article, and changed it, to be as honest on the topic as possible.
Let's be real, it was an easy reaction to have considering their actions of late.

CaptainHenry916739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

He's been on a roll and it's comical 😁

RedDevils739d ago

This guy love stealth troll on playstation article as I see the pattern, but he doesn't want to admit that he's a MS fanboy.

SullysCigar739d ago

We SEE you Ted! 👀