5 Games That Went Through Development Hell and Came Out the Other Side

If you only ever know one thing about game development, let it be that it is a process so fraught with pitfalls that it's a miracle any game is released. Not every game makes it through their stretch as vapor ware, but these are five titles that went through development hell and came out the other side.

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basilboxer592d ago

I would have included Nioh on this list.

coffeemaster592d ago

Final Fantasy XV took so long dude

PhoenixUp592d ago

You can also add Doom 4/Doom ‘16, LA Noire, Prey, Alan Wake, Kirby’s Air Ride, Team Fortress 2, Too Human, Kameo: Elements of Power, Kirby Return to Dreamland, Gran Turismo 5, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Dragon Quest VII, Resident Evil 0, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Revolver, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XII, Spore, Until Dawn, Final Fantasy XIII, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Mighty No.9, Final Fantasy Type-0, & Ni-Oh to that list.

Segata591d ago

Mighty No 9 was 3 years. Not that long.

Eidolon591d ago

3 years of hell, maybe?

PhoenixUp591d ago

@ Sega

Development hell isnt solely about how long it takes for a project to be released. It’s actually about the troubled production that goes into making it, and Mighty No.9 did in fact suffer from a troubled production.

Segata591d ago

I know my name is in the credits of that POS.

tanukiesuit590d ago

Dang, I forgot about most of these taking longer to develop (like Until Dawn)! Some of these make very interesting case studies as to what if they kept to their original vision, if they took a few more years to chip away at it, etc.

591d ago
Segata591d ago

Dragon's Crown began in 1998 for Dreamcast. Too Human began on PS1. Wonderful 101 began on Wii. 40 Winks N64 version took almost 2 decades.

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