The 13 Scariest Horror Games You Should Play For Halloween

In time for Halloween season, here are all the horror games that we think are the spookiest around.

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Fist4achin28d ago

Coolest. There are still a few games I need to dig into.

robtion28d ago

Try The Evil Within 1 and 2 and Until Dawn. Not sure how they omitted those.

philm8728d ago

Probably not played them like too many other people haven't. Evil Within 1 and 2 are amazing games and you can pick them up dirt cheap now. Until Dawn was great as well, so much better than I was expecting.

Rhezin28d ago

Dammit I wish The Forest was releasing this month instead of next. Perfect Halloween game it seems like.

Smitty202028d ago

Some great titles there my personal fav are

Slender man
Alien isolation
Res 7

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Shinox28d ago

This is the worst list i have ever seen in gamespot history

william_cade28d ago

hahahaha- provide a list for us.

william_cade28d ago

I liked RE 7 but still wondering why Doki is there.