Resonance of Fate - a gem that deserves a second chance

Eurogamer: "Here's hoping that remaster doesn't have the same fate as the original, and that it finds a wider audience. Resonance of Fate comes highly recommended not only to fans of JRPGs looking for something a little different, but also those looking for a story told in a serious tone with milder anime stylings. Combining the old and new, Resonance of Fate is simply not to be missed."

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gangsta_red931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

It deserves a sequel. As great of a time that I had with the game, it has a lot of flaws.

The game needs a sequel that would expand on the action but fix a lot of the design gameplay of the first.

Even though it's awesome that a remaster is coming, the game needs much more than a graphics/res update.

inxine931d ago

listen, its a great game, but too hard and complicated for its own good. its great that this game got a 4k upgrade, but i dont think that will change anything

Teflon02931d ago

Second chance. It was overall praised by most who played it. Second chances are for games that failed and try fix themselves. This is called expanding the game, not a second chance. Sonic 06 being rereleased is what I would call a second chance. Because as much as I didn't hate it, it was a glitchy mess to the point that even landing jumps seemed glitchy

Pyrofire95930d ago

I couldn't get past the tutorial. Too long and too much reading.