Top 10 Sequels Nobody Asked For

COGconnected: Some sequels come as a result of the artists behind it truly believing an IP deserves a second chance, could be improved with just a few small tweaks, or is indeed good enough to warrant a sequel. These ones do not.

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MrSec84817d ago

Loads of people asked for a sequel to Knack, including myself.

The first game was good fun, clearly rushed for launch, but a good launch title for PS4.

rainslacker817d ago

Yeah, I know a lot of people who liked the game, and said they wouldn't mind a sequel which improved on the original.

SuperSonic91817d ago

Knack 2 is so much fun for couch co-op.

sprinterboy817d ago

Great for co/op keeping the kids entertained

Platformgamer817d ago

you stole the words from my mouth.
knack is so underrated

NotanotherReboot817d ago

So how come "loads of people" didn't buy the game?

Teflon02816d ago

Half a milli is pretty fine for that game actually

rainslacker816d ago

Loads of people did. Loads of people also played it on PS+.

Although, I don't really know what the actual numerical value is of a load, unless it's the kind of load that we usually see used to criticize Sony or its games.

Akarogg 817d ago

It sold about as well as Doom on Switch

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thepatientgamer817d ago

The great dunk spoke, and knack 2 was goty before it even dropped. Spaghetti. Meatballs. Puerto Rico.

Axecution817d ago

Knack 2 and Kane and Lynch 2 were so good
Cool article though aha mostly all true.

Still waiting for Kanye and Lynch 3 to solve that insane cliffhanger ending

PhantomS42817d ago

I will always want more Naughty Bear. Those games are like bad SyFy movies, just so awful but so fun.

Retroman817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

Knack 1-2 was Fantastic...,.... hope Knack 3 being developed.
Can't wait for Ratchet and clank 2

King_Noctis817d ago

I wonder what would happen if Knack was multiplatform. Would people defend it that much.

rainslacker816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

I think people probably wouldn't even pay attention to it at all. There is no denying that exclusives do get a bit of a bump in notoriety. Same could be said for any number of mid-tier game which is multi-plat. It doesn't really get that much attention outside of an announcement, maybe an occasional screen shot or marketing blurb, and then some reviews on release. Quite a few mid-tier titles that are exclusive...especially those from 1st party, get a lot more attention.

That being said, the first one was pretty fun for a launch title. The second one was really good, although still had some room to do things better.

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